How to Invite All Friends On Facebook Page in One Click ?

Facebook Trick To Invite All Friends On Facebook Page in One Click Step by Step. It is very Time Consuming when we Invite our Facebook Friends One by One So Here is the Best Ways to Invite All Friends On Facebook Page in One Click One is by Chrome Extension or another is by using Small Script. It is usually Increase your Facebook User Experience and There are many Facebook Tips and Tricks that Maybe You Never Know. Our Purpose is to Offer a Step by Steps Guides to Teach You How You can Do this on Internet Easy Way.

This trick is now widely used by lot of facebook users to invite their friends on their facebook page for liking their pages at once. It is very time saving facebook trick and you just need to click once and automatically all of your facebook friends are invited. There are many ways on facebook and scripts but guys now that time most of the scripts used to invite facebook friends to their fb pages are banned because facebook need delay of 10 or 20 secongs to authenticate that this is genuine user manually invite their friend sto like their facebook page. So below we can share script by which you no need to worry about because we add the time delay system in this script.

Why Choose Complex, If We Have Simple Way To Do This

How to Invite All Friends On Facebook Page in One Click By Google Chrome Extension ? 2015 Facebook Tricks
Invite All Friends On Facebook Page in One Click

Facebook is the Most influence Social Media Network on the Internet. Today, There are 1.44 Billions of People are using Facebook on Their Desktops, Laptops, and Smartphones. In Facebook, you can Create Pages, profile, Ads Campaign, and Groups etc. It may be for Entertainment, Brand or an Organization. So, On Other Facebook is not only for Entertainment but Now It is also a Great way to Promote Your Business on Facebook.

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There are Millions of Brand who Pay a Big Money to Facebook for Promotion. But Individuals Who want to Boost their Websites, Small Business etc. can’t able to Get more Influence So, They can Make a Facebook Page to Boost their Business by Invite all of His Friends and Relatives to Like Their Facebook Page. But there is very Difficult to Invite too Many Friends at Same Time. But Don’t Worry Because we Bring an Elite Way to Invite All Friends on Facebook Page in One Click. Just Follow These Below Easy Steps

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#1 Way – How to Invite All Friends on Facebook Page in One Click?

  1. Firstly, Download This Chrome Extension From WebStore (Facebook Invite All).
  2. After Successfully Added in your Chrome Browser Then Do The Real Thing.
  3. Login Your Facebook Account and When you Open Facebook You can See a Tick on Top Right Side.                                                  Facebook Invite All Chrome Extension is Installed ! !
  4. Now Open your Facebook Page Where you’re Invite Your all facebook Friends and Click on “Invite Friends to Like This Page”.Click on Invite Friends to Like Facebook Page and See this Chrome Extension Automatically Invite all Friends to Facebook Page in One Click
  5. Now Guys Show Time, Click on Black Tick that Shows in Top Right Side and Chrome Extension can Automatically Send an Invitation to your all Facebook Friends in Few Seconds. You can see in Below Picture that how Invitation is Automatically Sent to all Friends.Invite all Facebook Friends By Single Click
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There is Many More Way to Invite All Friends on Facebook Page in One Click But This is the most Reliable and Easy Way to Do This Facebook Trick. It is Not Officially by Facebook But This is Easy to Get More Like on facebook Page without Wasting any Time to Click on Many Invite Buttons. how to invite friends to like a page on facebook all at once

#2 Way – Invite All Friends on Facebook Page by Using Script:

  • First Login You Facebook Account and Go to Facebook Page Where you want to Invite your all Friends.
  • Click on Invite Button and a Pop Up Windows will Come Up.
  • Now You need to Press F12 and a Console will Open Below in Browser.
  • Copy This Below Code and Paste in that Console you see below in your Browser.


After Paste this Script in Console Just Click on Invite Button and It automatically sends the invitation to all of your Facebook Friends.

From Editor’s Desk:

Above are the Two Way to Invite All Friends On Facebook Page in One Click – One is By Chrome Extension and Another is using Script. You can choose any of This. You have more Facebook Pages to Invite Your Friends So, I recommended to Use First One Because You need to Open Page and Click on Extension Icon and all It Done.

If You want to do Once So Move to Second It Totally Depends on You Chooses any of Them. So Guys If You Spot any Error or Mistake in Our Article So Please Leave your Comment Below. You can also Comment your Problem that we Fix it Soon.

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