AceThinker iPhone Screen Recorder Review : Mirror your iPhone/iPad on Computer

iPhone Screen Recorder Review
iPhone Screen Recorder Review

iPhone Screen Recorder: As we previously discussed “How to Record iPhone Screen” Which used a method of sideloading an application on your phone. Using a sideloaded app on the phone to record the screen is a good option but not the perfect one you would wish for. Firstly, because it might not be the safest way to record your screen. Secondly, the sideloaded apps expire weekly and you definitely won’t like the whole user face experience in comparison with what we are going to tell you about. We came across AceThinker iPhone Screen Recorder which obviously lets you record your iPhone screen via the desktop but also lets you mirror your iPhone screen to your mac. It is important to mention that the process is wireless which makes using QuickTime to record, out of the options.

Recording your iPhone screen is useful for many, it lets you record your gameplay or lets you demonstrate new features and new apps to your friends or a large group of people ; like making a tutorial on Youtube. Using the Mirror Option can allow one take advantage of macs big screen and compatibility to put up Live presentations or so. Well, I use mirror option to play games, as I see the gameplay on mac’s big screen and the phone then becomes my controller. The possibilities are endless for the ones with the creative thoughts. So without further ado let me review to you this iPhone Screen Recorder.

AceThinker iPhone Screen Recorder

Acethinket iPhone Screen Recorder is a professional and well built iPhone/iPad Recorder which is easy to use for everyone. It lets you wirelessly mirror your iPhone/iPad Screen to your MacBook’s screen and allows you to record your screen in High Definition effortlessly. The way this software works is the just genius, it uses airplay feature  to mirror the screen, just like how Apple Tv does it. You can use it to mirror & record screens of iPhones using iOS 7 to the latest iOS. Imagine you get all that just at a price of $29.95 ! You get your utility, quality and safety not to forget that other sideloaded applications can still carry on recording even when you think you stopped. Which can hamper your security and privacy? If you get a trusted software for that price, I do think its worth it.

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Key features:

  1. Mirror Screen in HD and Stream Various Contents with Sound via Airplay, without any lag or any quality loss.
  2. Record your iPhone/iPad Screen with a Single Click and it will start recording your screen effortlessly in HD with Sound.
  3. Save the Video in Any format you d like after the recording is Done and then Share/Publish it without any hassle.


  1. Record your Chat’s, Facetime/Skype Session’s
  2. Record & Review or Share Experience on using a new feature or new application.
  3. Mirror your gameplay to enjoy it on the big screen or Record your Gameplay.
  4. Great Use for making tutorials and share them on Youtube
  5. Give Live Demo/Presentation related to iPhone/iPad over Mac’s big screen (Which can be connected to the projector)
  6. One can even record Snapchat’s or Instagram stories.

The possibilities are endless and for everyone the need is different but these are some of the most needed/common things which this software can help you do.

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How Does it Work?

It would be just mean if I told you this iPhone screen recorder and did not guide you on how to use it. Well, as I did mention that it is very easy to use but just for that 0.00001 % who may not get it. I got you covered.

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  1. Go to Screen Recorder iPhone
  2. Select your operating system ( Windows Version & Mac Version )
  3. Download the software
  4. Run the .dmg on Mac or .exe on Windows
  5. Follow up with the installation setup guide, pretty basic stuff. (Select Installation location, Agree on Terms and keep going Next. – just like how it is usually)
  6. It should be Now Installed. Now Run it!

Working of iPhone Screen Recorder :

The basic working is over AirPlay Sync, the same mechanism which Apple Tv users. If  you are familiar with Apple tv then this is no different. For the matter of fact, it does fool the system to think that this is an Apple tv and so it lets your mirror it. So How to make it work ? Very Simple… Follow the steps.

  1. Run the Software
  2. Make Sure your PC & Your iPhone/iPad are connected to the same Network.iphone-screen-recorder-review-2
  3. On your iPhone/iPad, bring up the control center and Tap on Airplay > Under that dropdown you will see ApowerSoft [Computer Username]
  4. Select ApowerSoft from the drop downiphone-screen-recorder-review-1
  5. Bingo! You will now see your iPhone/iPad screen on your PC.
  6. Press Record Button to Start/Stop
  7. Save the file in the format you wish to
  8. Share the file & Enjoy 🙂


Final Thoughts:

AceThinker as a Screen recorder does its jobs well and passes its competitors fairly. The software design and user face is elegant and simple. The quality of the service is excellent and it is easy on the system. If I do keep in mind on what utility is provides, it is pretty useful. So as per my review, I d easily give it a rating of 4.5/5. I personally enjoyed using it and do recommend for anyone who is looking forward to recording the screen of their iPhone.