ISTQB Certification Preparation: How To Pass The ISTQB Exam

The leading approach to validate your skills and stand apart from other candidates in a job screening is to hold one or more well-recognized certificate(s) of IT training courses. The ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) certificate provides international accreditation of acquired skills and competencies to an individual. Read through this article to gain information on the ISTQB Certification exam preparation.

ISTQB is an authorized IT training provider. It conducts an online IT certification exam, which individuals can attempt worldwide in different languages. Let us know more about it!

An Introduction to ISTQB Certification

ISTQB Certification is a software testing certification that is acknowledged internationally. The Member Boards organize this online IT certification exam via a testing Exam Provider. ISTQB mandates that the candidate holding ISTQB Certification has a great knowledge of the software and quality assurance of software. 

ISTQB Foundation-Level Certification Exam Format

The ISTQB Foundation Level (CTFL) exam includes 40 questions. Every correct answer awards one point to the candidate. A candidate has to answer a minimum of 26 questions correctly to clear the ISTQB certification exam.

Preparation of ISTQB Exam: Training or Self-study

Many aspirants pass the ISTQB Foundation Level by doing self-study. The ASTQB (American Software Testing Qualifications Board) offers adequate study materials to help candidates prepare for IT courses & exams. 

Though, if you think you need guidance for the preparation, you can take a suitable IT training offered by any accredited software testing training providers by ASTQB to prepare for the ISTQB CTFL exam.

ISTQB Exam Study Resources For Preparation

The ASTQB offers free study materials for the preparation for the ISTQB certification exam. The aspirants can download those resources from the official website of ASTQB. The study resources involve-

  • ISTQB Syllabus: It includes the syllabus blueprint and explanations of all the topics & concepts of the ISTQB exam syllabus.
  • ISTQB Glossary: The ISTQB glossary offers the knowledge of software testing terms crucial for the ISTQB exam. 
  • ISTQB Sample Questions and Answers: It involves the sample questions & their answers drafted particularly for the ASTQB & AT*SQA ISTQB certification exams.
  • ASTQB videos: Includes explanatory videos on different software testing concepts.
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Steps for the ISTQB Foundation Exam Preparation

  • Downloading the Study Resources – Candidates can access study resources for the ISTQB Foundation Level on the ASTQB website.
  • Watching ISTQB CTFL videos – The interactive learning resources for IT courses are always considered effective. Candidates should watch the ISTQB Foundation level videos.
  • Taking Practice Exams – After completing the study part, the candidates should take the ISTQB practice exams by ASTQB. It will facilitate the candidates to get well-versed with the ISTQB Certification exam format. Hence, you will get an idea of how the exam paper is going to be. 
  • Register & Schedule the exam – When a candidate completes his preparation for the ISTQB exam, he must choose the exam date himself. Scheduling the exam date in advance is always recommended so that the candidate gets a pre-planned date. 

Note: After registering the candidates should duly install the software before the exam day.


The ISTQB certification for software testing is used in over 100 countries throughout the globe. This Certification (Foundation Level and Advanced Level) remains valid lifelong no recertification is needed. ISTQB Professional Certification can make your resume out of the ordinary in comparison with the other software testers applying for a job. You can follow our preparation guide to pass this exam successfully.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Is ISTQB a tough exam?

The ISTQB Certification exam is not very difficult. Yet, sometimes the aspirants underestimate the level of difficulty and do not do the needed study. Hence, such candidates fail to clear the exam. In the IT sector, many companies are now making this exam compulsory for their employees.

  • Can we take the ISTQB exam remotely from home?

Yes, candidates can give their ISTQB certification exam from their homes. While registering for the exam, the candidates have to select the online exam option for it. The point to consider is the candidate must have a laptop or PC with a web camera.

  • How many times can we take the ISTQB exam?
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A candidate can give the ISTQB certification exam as many times as he wants. Every attempt requires re-payment of the fee.

  • Which level succeeds the ISTQB Foundation exam?

On clearing the ISTQB CTFL Certification, a candidate can prepare for ISTQB CTAL (Certified Tester Advanced Level) Certification and ISTQB CTEL (Certified Tester Expert Level Certification) exam.