Keep Safe When Browsing the Web Using Hide All IP !

Keep Safe When Browsing the Web Using Hide All IP !
Keep Safe When Browsing the Web Using Hide All IP !
Hide All IP
Hide All IP

The web is meant to be free to access for anyone and everyone. That is the basic foundation on which the Internet and the web were found in the first place. But governments and ISPs don’t intend to keep things that way. Streaming movies and live videos has become a breeze, yet many services are inaccessible in certain states and countries.

Netflix has revolutionized the way people used to watch movies, but the service is restricted in many areas. The same can be said about other video sharing platforms. Hide All IP is an excellent VPN that allows you to get around these limitations and access any website without giving away your identity.

Torrent Safely

Torrent was another service that was a boon to masses. But there has been a crackdown on the operators in different parts of the world. Hide All IP allows you to torrent anonymously without letting your ISP or the government know about it.

Safety against Hackers

This software also protects you against hackers. Hackers can easily access your system, your files, and information about your online activities if they have access to your IP address. You cannot even imagine the kind of damages they can cause, including identity theft.

Hide All IP provides total protection against hackers. It also prevents adware from keeping track of your searches and online activities.

How Does Hide All IP Work?

This VPN works by changing your original IP address. All computer systems need an IP address when connecting to the internet. What Hide All IP does is to hide your actual IP and create a fake IP. Neither your ISP nor the government will be able to trace your original IP. It will assign random fake IP without any correlation. So even hackers are not able to access your original IP.

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Thus, you enjoy multiple benefits.

Hide All IP Changes Your Location

Another advantage of using this VPN is that it hides your location. There are many advantages of this mechanism.


Hide All IP is a company with server locations in different countries. Every time you connect using this VPN, it can connect you to the web through a server located in some other country. So your government and ISP can never know who you are and from where you are connecting to the web.

If you are from the UK, you can connect to a server located in the US and bypass the restrictions laid down by certain video streaming services for British users. All you have to do is to press on the ‘connect’ button.

Watch Internet TV without any Limitations

Faster bandwidths have allowed easy access to Internet TV much easier than ever before. BBC iPlayer and Hulu have become the craze. But the service providers often restrict these services in certain markets.

Why should you be denied a service which is available to others? Connect using Hide All IP and you can watch all your favorite shows and movies without any restrictions. Watch any content by connecting through a server located in some other country where the service is easily available.

Data Encryption

Using this VPN can help prevent hackers and adware from snooping into your computer. Websites and adware will not be able to track which sites you visit and target ads at you. But how can you ensure the safety of your data when you send and receive it.

Hide All IP encrypts all incoming and outgoing data using the most advanced technologies used in the industry. It makes use of the same industry standards used by the government:

  • The RSA 2048
  • AES/DES data encryption

No matter who is monitoring your communications, Hide All IP will not let them find out what the data is.

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There are many additional benefits of using Hide All IP, including:

  • Remote DNS Lookups
  • Supports all games, apps, IMs and video players
  • Preventing WebRTC IP leaks
  • Supports UPD games and apps
  • Supports HTTP tunnel
  • Portable – Sign-up and use it on any device – even removable media
  • Automatic cookies/cache data deletion

You can play games by choosing the best server.


Hide All IP is easy to use and uses a basic working principle. However, it makes use of advanced technologies which are hard to find in other VPN. The web is meant to be accessible to everyone, and a software like Hide All IP helps ensure that it stays so. It requires nothing more than clicking the ‘connect’ button. Every time you connect to the web, just connect using the software and you will protect your identity, system and data.