Key Tips That Will Help You to Find the Best Tax Representative in Portugal

If you are not an EU citizen, you need to take care when speaking of dealing with a fiscal representative. It is not a recommendation but a rule for everyone. But it is just senseless to worry as long as you are on the right track already. Simply read this article and you will learn what you can do to find such an expert.

Is There a Chance to Ask a Friend to Help You?

Basically, there is nothing wrong with it. However, your acquaintance should be ready to deal with your taxes and interact with the Portuguese authorities. This is what you should tell him about in advance. By the way, it is also a family member who can be involved in completing such a task. What is more, you can delegate such a task to the business with the head office or fiscal address in Portugal. 

But what shall you do in case you do not have friends or acquaintances who are ready to get engaged in such an important process? In this case, it is a good idea to think about hiring a fiscal representative who will be working with you.

Learn About What the Tax Representative Does Before You Deal with Him

It is a great idea to study what the tax representative is responsible for to be exact before you initiate searching for him. 

First of all, the tax representative has to inform you about all the law changes that are set by the Portuguese government when speaking of taxes. He receives the correspondence too.

Second, the tax representative should notify you about all the necessary stuff just on time. If the authorities do not receive a response within a period from ten to fifteen days, this may result in fines for you. 

Find Out about the Connection Between NIF and Portugal Tax Representative

There are quite a few reasons why people may have the intention to request NIF. They are an intention to apply for a certain kind of visa, open a company, and so on. But it doesn’t really matter when it comes to the aspect of hiring a Portugal tax representative or asking someone to help you with your taxes. Here is a very important rule to consider: everyone should have a fiscal representative before applying for NIF. This is essential to keep in mind as long as if you do not fulfill this condition, you are very likely to experience problems (and they will be connected with Portuguese law and your finances).

Asking for the Professional Help: Searching for the Team That Will Satisfy You to the Fullest

Before you make a final decision speaking of who will assist you with your taxes in Portugal, you need to realize that you have a chance to choose between the individual experts and the teams. The second variant is about to be more beneficial as long as you get more guarantees in this case. The teams provide similar services to the clients (like help with issuing NIF) and they know how to assist those who request dealing with their taxes.

By the way, you have a chance to apply for the NIF number if you are thinking about your taxes right now. There is great news for you: quite a few intermediaries offer a year of fiscal representation that goes as a present when you request NIF. This is an awesome chance to save some money and receive qualitative assistance at the same time. So, stick to this option as long as it is really beneficial for you!

But what can you do to find the best team? Check the following stuff:

  • The reviews about a provider;
  • The website (it should be as user-friendly as possible and you must not experience any hardships when trying to deal with it);
  • The price (it has to be okay for you);
  • The period of work with a client (typically, it is a year. You are free to decide what to do after this time).

So, investigate all of this stuff and you will surely manage to simplify the procedure of coming across a nice tax representative for NIF

What About the Pricing?

As has already been stated, some reliable providers are eager to offer you a year of fiscal representation as a present when you apply for NIF. In this case, you can expect to pay around 100 EUR for your NIF and help with paying your taxes.

And, it is an unbelievably cool price, to tell the truth! So, there is a sense in going for such an offer if you come across it.

Wish you the best of luck with applying for NIF whenever you are going to do this!