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LimeTorrents Proxy 2021 – Limetorrents Unblocked & Mirror Sites List

10+ LimeTorrents Proxy 2018 – Limetorrents Unblocked & Mirror Sites List
10+ LimeTorrents Proxy 2018 – Limetorrents Unblocked & Mirror Sites List

Are you facing any troubles while accessing Limetorrents cc site? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place. Recently, the government is banning all torrent websites like Limetorrents, Kickass, 1337x, etc. So to overcome this issue, users can enjoy their services by using Limtorrents proxy sites. Today in this article, we will talk about these Limetorrents mirror sites and how to use them.

We all use torrents for one reason or another. Some of us use it to download movies, games, tv shows, etc. At the same time, others use it to share confidential information. Whatever the reason might be, we all can agree on the fact that torrents are awesome. It is effortless to download large files over the torrent, thanks to peer-to-peer technology. Moreover, you can get more download speeds while using torrents.

 Limetorrents Unblocked & Mirror Sites List

So why is the government banning these torrent sites? What is the reason behind it? Well, these torrent sites promote the exchange of pirated content. This does not comply with copyright infringement and other privacy piracy laws. If you are reading the news, you must know that almost all sites are being down for quite a long time.

But don’t worry as we will tell you a solution to this problem. The solution is to use a proxy or mirror sits. These mirror sites are available for all the torrent websites, including Kickass, 1337x, Limetorrents, etc. So keep reading up to the end to know more about them.

Importance of Limetorrents Proxy Sites

It is not news to regular internet users that the government is banning all the torrent sites. So many people came up with an idea to clone these sites. These clone sites of the original sites are known as proxy sites. So whenever you cannot access the original site, you can use Limetorrent proxy sites to access their database.

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Also, they are swift and does not track your IP address. This is the reason why a lot of people use these Limetorrent proxy sites. Today we are going to give away a few Limetorrents proxy sites for you. You can use these sites to access the original site database and download torrent files easily.

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How to Check Whether Your ISP has Blocked the Limetorrents Site?

There are many reasons why you cannot access a website. Sometimes it is because of a server issue. And sometimes it is because of the internet issue. However, this doesn’t mean that your access to torrent sites is blocked forever. You have to visit that site again by going into incognito mode.

And when you see this message – “the authority to access the site is blocked by your ISP or government,” it means that the government has banned this site. But you don’t have to worry about this as this can be easily bypassed. You can bypass this message if you use a free VPN service—however, that’s not the ideal solution. The ideal solution is t use Limetorrents mirror sites, which unblock Limetorrents torrent sites.

Limetorrents Unblocked Through Limetorrents Proxy & Limetorrent Mirror Sites 2021

It isn’t easy to access the original Limetorrents website. This is because the government is trying hard to ban the site completely in the country. But don’t worry, as there are ways so that you can still access their database. All you need to do is to use Limetorrents mirror sites to download all your torrent files.

We will give several working Limetorrent websites down below. You can use them for browsing your favorite movies, tv shows, or any other file and downloading them. Here are a few fast and working Limetrrents Mirror sites / Limetorrents proxy sites.


Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only.

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So, guys, these were the best Limetorrents proxy sites, which we know till this moment. If you also know a few of such Limetorrents mirror sites, let us know via the comment section below. We will keep updating this list, so be sure to bookmark this page. Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day.