LinMonster – The Next Gen LinkedIn Automation Tool For Business

LinMonster – The Next Gen LinkedIn Automation Tool For Business
LinMonster – The Next Gen LinkedIn Automation Tool For Business

Do you want to expand your reach on LinkedIn? Are you struggling to find the right type of employees for your venture? Or you simply don’t have the time to sift through profiles or pay a huge sum of money to third party consultants? Whatever your reason may be, you must have heard about LinMonster – professionally designed and managed LinkedIn automation tools which act as your cheapest personal assistant. It is a highly popular and the most secure automation tool that lets you reach your targeted prospects on LinkedIn without getting identified as spam.

Top Reasons To Choose LinMonster

    You can easily connect, message, visit and endorse many LinkedIn users automatically.

    It helps you build targeted lists, gives you insights on your daily activities on LinkedIn, enhances your profile, and schedules your work based on your business goals.

    The LinkedIn Mass Connect feature enables you to send personalised connection requests to your curated list of prospective employees.

    If you want to send a mass message to your target group, then you can take the help of LinkedIn Mass Message to share information. Tip: Watch out for the frequency of your messages. If you get overboard with it, then you might be identified as spam and ultimately get blocked by LinkedIn.

    The LinkedIn Auto Visit browses through profiles of the audience on your behalf which makes you noticeable, and many of those prospective employees may get back to you and show interest in your organisation.

    Maximize your skills endorsement by making use of the LinkedIn Auto Endorse which automatically endorses the skills of your curated lists out of which usually 30% of the users may visit you back and endorse your skills too.

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    The best thing about LinMonster is the fact that although it is an automation software, it behaves in a way which gets your more organic reach. The users feel as though a human has personally visited their profiles. This is exactly why LinMonster is so popular among the online community and business professionals in general.

    LinMonster is a very user friendly software which can be added as a widget on your default browser. It saves a lot of time and avoids errors by making the entire process smart and simple.

    The utility of LinMonster is virtually unlimited; you can use it for sales, marketing, and HR activities of all sorts.

    It also comes with added safety and security features such as giving you alert when your activity is too high. Moreover, there are random delays in your activities which make it hard to figure out if the work is being done by a bot.

The Bottomline

In essence, if you are trying to save time and money on sales, marketing, and HR activities of your business, then you need LinkedIn automation tools to do the work on your behalf. It comes in three different packages each having a different price. The Solo (most basic) version costs you $39 per month in which you get 1 LinkedIn account; mass connects, mass message, auto visit, auto endorse, and activity tracker features.

The second package is called Business priced at $69 per month. This packaged includes all of the Solo features, and additionally, you get up to 3 LinkedIn accounts and a personal dashboard for efficient management of all activities. The third package is called Enterprise which is priced at $99 per month. This gives you all of the features included in other two packages and along with those you get up to 7 LinkedIn accounts and premium customer support for a better experience!

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