Top 5+ Best Linux Distro For Beginners !

Top 5+ Best Linux Distro For Beginners In 2018
Top 5+ Best Linux Distro For Beginners In 2018

Best Linux Distro For Beginners 2018 – Many people still use a pirated version of windows and compromise their security and privacy. Many people realize this later and move on to Linux. So the very first question which pops up in their mind is that what is the best Linux distro for beginners? The truth is that there are many best Linux distro for beginners available out there, but most of them have many bugs, are not stable, and some of them are just pure gobus and not attractive at all. best linux distro for windows users and laptop.

Its very hard to choose the best among all Linux distro available as each one of them has different features and capabilities. So for new Linux users, it is a problematic task to choose the best Linux distro for beginners out there. So without wasting time lets jump into the list of top Linux distro. best linux distro for laptops

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The Best Linux Distro For Beginners in 2018

There are many Linux distro available to download for free, but we have sorted out the best ones for you. Below we have listed out some of the best Linux distro for beginners. Let’s check them all! best linux distro for laptops

1. Ubuntu

Ubuntu is one of the most popular Linux distros out there. It is so popular that some people think it is an operating system rather than a distro. This Linux distro was built with users for both home and professional use. It is packing some serious security and productivity features. The best part about this distro is that its still getting support from developers and its gets updates with latest features every day.

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Ubuntu has a simple, easy to use program installer. The main advantage you will get here is that you don’t need to install any third party software as everything is already included with Linux. You will get a pre-installed office suite, email app, media accessing apps, games, productivity application, etc. It also has a dedicated software store much like windows store or app store where you can download some softwares to fulfill the task.

Ubuntu is very famous in the developer community, so if you got any technical issue by any chance then don’t worry as you can always ask for help in ubuntu discussion page. Furthermore, you will get many tutorials and fixes for the same on many websites and youtube channels.

2. Linux Mint

Linux Mint is another best Linux distro for beginners which is based on Ubuntu. This means that it has some features of Ubuntu as well. For starters, you will get the same base and user interface as ubuntu with some more features added to it which enhances its productivity. It is very popular among online Linux users as it includes a complete use out of the box experience.

Linux Mint comes with a pre-installed browser and important browser plugins, DVD playback and media playback softwares, Pre-installed java and other development components, custom desktop and configurable menu system, some unique customization options. Furthermore, Linux Mint is fully compatible with Ubuntu software repo and includes a web-based package installer as well.

3. Elementary OS

Elementry OS is one of the simplest Linux distros we have ever seen. Its very simple, easy to understand and very beautiful. It is inspired by Mac OS, so you will get a user interface quite similar to Mac OS. This Linux distro is a great replica of Mac OS with many customization options.

It also features a custom desktop environment just like Mac OS which is called Pantheon. You can add many custom apps which include, music, photos, videos, terminal, calendar, files, editor, etc. It comes with a powerful web browser named Epiphany and a great e-mail manager by the name Geary mail.

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4. Zorin OS

If you’re one of those users who like Windows user interface but want to switch to Linux for more security features, then we would recommend you Zorin OS. It is the best Linux distro for beginners who are coming from windows PC. So if you’re looking for a great distro with easy to understand user interface then definitely give Zorin OS a try. One more great thing about Zorin OS is that you can windows programs as well.

5. Pinguy OS

It an Ubuntu-based distribution which is based on both Windows and Mac OS. It has many features which are similar to both Mac OS and Windows. So users who are migrating from either Mac or windows will find it easy to adapt to this system. Talking about the user interface, it’s sleek and very smooth. Pinguy OS also have carefully created menus, panels, and dock bars. This Linux distro comes with pre-installed set of powerful browser plugins and media applications.

So these were the best Linux distro for beginners. If you’re a newbie to a Linux operating system, then do choose distros which we mentioned above as they are quite good in terms of functionalities and user interface.

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