How To Make Google Chrome Faster For Web Browsing ?

Making google chrome faster and lighter to handle is one of the big issue these days. If you are dealing with the same problem,  then you are in the right place. Today, in this article I am going to talk about how you can make your google chrome browser blazing fast for web browsing. Just follow the simple and easy to understand steps. And, you will find yourself in a better place.

How To Make Google Chrome Blazing Fast For Web Browsing
How To Make Google Chrome Blazing Fast For Web Browsing

Steps to Make Google Chrome Blazing Fast For Web Browsing

Although, there are many steps to make google chrome blazing fast for web browsing. But there are some methods which are much more efficient and easy to use. so, here’s the list of these methods that will help you out In Your problem.

#1 Editing Chrome’s Internal Settings

There are some internet flags of google chrome that you can set manually and have a good experience of the browsing in google chrome. To open this setting simply go to the link chrome://flags/. and, follow the following points.

  1. Enable the “experimental canvas features”
  2. Increase the Number of raster threads Its maximum value.
  3. Look for Fast tab/window close And enable the feature.

#2 Clearing Unnecessary Cache and Extensions

Go to the following links in the list one by one and remove the unnecessary unwanted settings and cache memory settings. This will unload a lot of burden from your current google chrome settings. Just click on the link one by one and clear everything from the options.

  1. chrome://plugins/
  2. chrome://extensions/
  3. chrome://settings/clearBrowserData

#3 Using External Chrome Extensions

Chrome Extensions Are Also Very Helpful in Making the Functionality of Google Chrome Web Browser Fast and Lightweight.  There Are Many External Chrome Extensions Available to Make Google Chrome Blazing Fast But, According to The Users review I Have Selected Some of them. Let’s Have a Look at them.

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1 The Great Suspender

The best google chrome extension that reduces your ram usage and unwanted crashes of the chrome browser. It simply transfers your unused tabs into the page file and saves a lot of memory. And whenever you will reopen the tab by clicking on it simply reloads it and everything on the tab will be there as you wanted it.

2 Speed up Browsing

This one is a great tool for speeding up your browser. and, it allows loading page very efficiently without loading extra scripts from the website. the extension is open source and you can get it source code from GitHub easily and you can also change it as per your own personal benefit.

3 Green Boost

Green boost is a great alternative google chrome extension with speed secure browser in terms of fast browsing. It also blocks annoying ads and some extra Pop-ups From annoying websites. So, All in all, It is a great extension that you must have in your chrome browser.

From the Editor’s Desk

Finally, this is the end of the article and I hope this article has helped you in making your chrome browser much more lighter and faster to run. if you have some wise suggestions for me to add to The article. I’ll be very happy to read them out in the comments. Thanks to your time and faith.