Mark Zuckerberg Visited Puerto Rico to Tests on Virtual Reality


From Facebook’s central command in Menlo Park on Monday, CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s toon symbol declared a push to help Puerto Rico. What’s more, on Tuesday, he apologized for what some considered a tone hard of hearing an approach to conveying a message of a helpful guide.

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Puerto Rico is as of now experiencing an extreme time and a large number of individuals there are enduring because of the surge. Zuckerberg obviously needed to help so his organization tied up with Red Cross and gave $1.5 million towards surge alleviation program. Not too bad up til now. Be that as it may, Zuckerberg chose to report the Red Cross association on VR, while visiting Puerto Rico on VR, with his toon symbol snickering and talking with the symbol of Rachel.

Individuals who were viewing the VR visit, communicate live on Facebook, additionally turned out to be soon mindful that it was for the Red Cross declaration as well as to advance Spaces application, which is Facebook’s VR application.

Zuckerberg and Facebook’s head of social virtual reality, Rachel Franklin, both showed up as advanced symbols in the exhibit to talk about Facebook’s organization with NetHope and American Red Cross.

Zuckerberg portrayed how virtual the truth is enchanted as it can for all intents and purposes transport individuals to debacle zones. You can get a feeling of a portion of the harm here that Hurricane, that the typhoons have done. Furthermore, something that is truly supernatural about virtual the truth is you can get the inclination that you’re truly in a place.

In the wake of declaring the new Red Cross and Puerto Rico activity, Zuckerberg transported back to California – to a year ago’s Oculus Connect, the occasion for designers of Oculus diversions and applications. The current year’s Oculus Connect happens on Wednesday and Thursday in San Jose, California.


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