Mass Twitter Followers Script to Get 5k+ Twitter Followers

Mass Twitter Followers Script php 2018 – Everybody who are on social media should know about twitter. Twitter is biggest competitor of Facebook and most of the celebs are use twitter platform to share their thoughts, feeling and others news agenda. In Twitter there is no friends like think like Facebook but you need to gain followers in twitter. It is not easy to gain followers on twitter so that’s why am here to share a trick to gain twitter followers fast. twitter script to get followersMass Twitter Followers Script

We have a Mass Twitter Followers Script 2018 that you can use to get more followers daily on your twitter account. Many of our users use this Mass Twitter Followers Script  effectively and gain many followers like 1000, 50k and more you can use this script.

Why This Mass Twitter Followers Script ?

We already know that if you follow some individual person so most of the chance they follow you back. On twitter there are most of 40% of people who follow you back so guys that’s why am suggest this script. am also one use this script have gain almost 162 followers on my twitter account. After that i thought that this is really helpful for me also and also for our users. Everybody wants that he have more follower on twitter than his friends and relatives so people are searching on internet about Mass Twitter Followers Script so you can get this script from our site easily. twitter followers hack android

Steps to Get more Followers using Mass Twitter Followers Script :

  1. Open someone’s Twitter account and open their followers list (Check List Here)
  2. On that page you can see there are many follow button on their pages and you need to follow all.
  3. So here is the step where magic happens. you can use java script code in Browser to follow all of their followers just at once.
  4. Press F12 and you can notice that your browser will open the console of your browser( Mozilla & Chrome) and paste that script code in console and hit enter and then you follow all their followers at once. Script is given below.

javascript:var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName(‘button-text follow-text’); for(var i=0; i<inputs.length;i++) { inputs[i].click(); }

NOTE : Guys, Don’t follow more than 500 people because they detect your activity so be easy and daily use this script and you can get more followers daily and just sit back and see the magic. you can get daily new followers and so on.

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