Best 8 Tricks To Maximize Your Linux Laptop’s Battery Life !

Maximize Your Linux Laptop’s Battery
Maximize Your Linux Laptop’s Battery

Tricks To Maximize Your Linux Laptop Battery: Battery backup is the most important thing which decides the value of any Laptop, PC’s, Mobile phones etc. In the today’s running world we all want the higher battery backups in our devices. You can save battery life in Linux laptops easily. You just need to follow up these steps to recover or save your battery life on linux installed laptop.

Similarly in our Laptops also we need greater battery backup which decides the quality of any laptop which would be lacking in this feature would fail in the market. As we know that battery depends upon the usage of the operating system more the operating system would be used more will be the battery usage.

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So, here I am going to talk about that how we can maximize our Linux Laptops battery. As there is no such hard and rule method you just need to follow the steps then it would be easy for everyone one us whether it is a tech guy or not- tech guy.

Maximize Your Linux Laptop’s Battery
Maximize Your Linux Laptop’s Battery

Tricks To Maximize Your Linux Laptop Battery

Here are some tips that can help you to Increase the Linux Laptop battery which is as follows. I’ve used these tricks in my Linux System. And, You can believe me on this that, It will definitely help you in making your system better than before. Let’s have a look.

#1. Battery Saving Tips

You can save your battery usage by turning off the data connection when not in use, lower the brightness, Close the unwanted apps etc. This basic technique can help you yo save your battery.

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#2. Switch Off the Bluetooth

Most of us keep our system’s Bluetooth turned on. It also uses the system’s battery. You can turn off the Bluetooth when not in use. But in some modern laptops, there is a feature called battery friendly which does not uses the battery at that extent whether the Bluetooth is turned on also. It can effectivily save your linux battery life.

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#3. Charging Up the System’s Battery

To keep good battery performance of your laptop you can charge your laptop up to particular extend i.e. it should be charged till 80% for better performance no need to charge it up till 100%. As it causes severe damage to our battery. Save linux battery life 100%.

#4. Consumption by Graphics

If you are having Intel Graphics in your laptop then it would be good for you as it is fully customized and optimized for lowest power usage. But if you have NVIDIA or AMD graphics processors then you have to do some settings to consume your battery for a long time. It can be done by setting up the settings panel or by installing a particular app for this.

#5. Linux Based Software

For the Linux users, there are many apps and software to control the battery consumption. All these apps are downloaded in it and you can use them with a single click. You just have to decide which app you want to use for better consumption of the battery.

#6. Replacement of the Battery

If you are facing the problem of battery usage at the higher level and you are not getting the exact solution that what causes this problem in your Laptop. Then you can check your battery too whether it may be damaged. This can also be the biggest reason behind the excessive usage of battery in your laptops.

#7. Avoid using Adobe Flash

If you are watching flash videos on your Linux laptop then it might lower up the battery life and let the lithium ions spread over the floor. You can watch flash videos but up to some extent not at the higher level or you can control the settings by choosing that on which format you want to see the video.

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#8. Unplug the USB, SD cards etc.

Some people may not know that the USB we attach with our Linux laptop it also sucks the battery. So try to unplug unwanted USB, SD cards etc. from your laptops for better performance.

From the Editor’s Desk:

These are the basic techniques to Save Battery Life on Linux Laptops. Try to apply all of them for better performance. That’s all for now. I Hope, you’ll like my article. If you are in doubt or want to suggest anything new to make it better. You are welcome to the comment field below.

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