Method to unlock using a hairpin

using a hairpin

how to pick a lock with a hairpin

Have you ever wondered- how to pick a lock with a hairpin? Lock picking is mostly known to be an attribute to thieves and burglars; it’s, in fact, an important skill to master to deal with situations when you get locked out of your house. This is really important to find out  how to pick a lock with a hairpin for these untimely problems. To know this, one must first understand the lock’s mechanism and then learn slowly how to break into one. First, you need to choose a few hair or bobby pins and change them slightly.

 You can also order a suitable lock pick set at the Amazon site at a cheaper rate. Do you want to know how to do that? The primary thing we need to learn about how to pick a lock with a hairpin is that we should firstly make a lever and pick it using a hairpin. The next step is to turn like a key and insert the pick with a bent end.

Then find the jammed pins and push them. By turning the lever, you can open the door.

Tutorial –how to pick a lock with a hairpin?

To know about  how to pick a lock with a hairpin? First you need to follow the correct steps. In order to get the right lock pick sets, follow this simple tutorial:

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 The essential things to open a lock with a hairpin are very easy to find. You can easily purchase them online or at your nearest local store if you don’t have them. Once you get all the required things, you will know  how to pick a lock with a hairpin very easily.

 1. Bobby pins:

They can be used as a pick and a lever and allow you to open the door. Make sure that the hooks are sturdy and won’t break, and they should perfectly fit the lock. The lock size will decide the size of the bobby pins.

If the pins have rubber knobs, cut them off using a wire cutter. By doing this, the lever will not get stuck inside the lock. Paper clips also are better alternatives. Metal clips are better, and remember, they must be flexible too.

how to pick a lock with a hairpin

2. Using Metal Wire:


The next method to open the lock is using a metal wire. This wire should be thick so that it could push the pins and wouldn’t break or get stuck in the lock. Watch out. You may get cut.

3. Pliers:

In order to bend the bobby pins, you should use a pair of pliers. The pliers that are the best for bending the metal wires are popularly known as needle-nose pliers. Usually, they are used to turn the jewelry and handicraft materials. Please ensure that the needle-nose pliers are comfortable to handle and should provide you with a good grip.

If you don’t have the pliers, you can go ahead and complete the work with your hands, but be careful as you may get cuts on your hands. This will even consume a little more of your time.

4. Wire Cutter:

A wire cutter is indeed required for removing the rubber knobs off the bobby pins. You can choose from various wire cutters. These should not be pressed hard, as they can make the cutter’s blades dull.

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Instead of using the shear cutters, you may use a pair of side cutters usually used to cut copper and aluminium metals. However, it leaves a sharp spike after the metal gets cut.

how to pick a lock with a hairpin

 5. Gloves:

This is an optional item. If your hands are sweaty most of the time, wearing gloves can prove beneficial in providing a better grip. If the pick slides out of the hands, gloves can protect from getting injured.

Using non-latex gloves or leather gloves is best for people who are allergic to latex gloves. Make sure that the gloves should be rightly fitting you and should not be too tight because it would be uncomfortable, and you may not be able to concentrate on the task properly.

Steps to unlock

Steps to follow to know  how to pick a lock with a hairpin are given below:

Step 1: Make a lever and a pick by using the bobby pins.

Take a file cabinet lock with the help of a bobby pin. You need to make a pick by bending a pin back till it looks like a long metal wire. Next, you should insert one centimeter of the pick inside the lock with its flat side facing up. After slightly bending the end of the pin, the rest should be pushed to the left. The other side of the pick should be used to make a loop.

In order to make the lever, you should use a pair of pliers for bending half of the pin at the right angle so that it can be used as a key, and picking to push the pins at the same height becomes easier.

Step 2: The lever must be placed at the bottom of the keyhole and turned like a key. 

The end, which is a bent part of the lever, needs to be placed low and deeply on the bottom of the keyhole. We need to turn the lever by applying very little pressure to turn a key. Try and observe in both directions if not sure. It may make clicking should, if the lever is in the wrong position.

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The lever should be kept in the same position during the whole process. A minimal amount of pressure should be applied. If the pressure is used more than required, it won’t be easy to push pins up.

Step 3: You need to put the pick at the bent end and feel the pins.

 Next, insert the pick at the end, which is bent, and then feel the pins while moving them up and down. Once you think of all the pins, you can easily find which pins are jammed. If you don’t feel any movement of the nails, you must exert too much pressure. Try to reduce the stress.

Step 4: Find out for the jammed pin and push it up. 

Once you are sure which pins are moving and which are not, exert pressure on the lever while you try to push the seized pin-up. Once you hear the clicking sound, it is clear that the pins have their split part lined up with the barrel now cleared the way.

Step 5: For unjamming all the other pins, this process should be repeated.

Once you come to know  how to pick a lock with a hairpin, repeat the process until all the pins are unjammed. Then only you can turn the lock completely and finally open the door.


The instructions on  how to pick a lock with a hairpin that are given above can be used to open your jammed lock. You first need to keep all the items that are required. Use the best quality locks for your home. This concept is based on the method of application of continuous rotational pressure. The line of pins should be pushed up on the current stuck one. The clicking sound is heard, and you can move to another nail. You need to apply the constant rotational pressure on the lock; otherwise, the pins will return to their original position again. So do it carefully. Once you have unlocked, this proves that you have mastered the skill of s how to pick a lock with a hairpin.