25 Mind Blowing Facebook Facts & Figures You Didn’t Know

Today We have Some Interesting Kinds of Stuff for You These are the Cool and Amazing Facebook Facts. How Facebook becomes Popular, How Much Facebook Earn, How many People Access Facebook Per Minutes, How They Made Billions from Facebook, etc. Like these Interesting Statistics also. We Have Many More Facts Below about Facebook that Definitely Blow your Mind.

It is used by Billions of People World Wide in many Countries. It can make your Work easy to Interact with other people, and you aware of the Latest News Via Facebook Feed. It Used for Entertainment, Picture Upload, Videos, Like and Share, etc. like that Stuff that People really Enjoy.

Facebook Improve their User Experience Day by Day by Adding More useful Features to Facebook. But There are Many People Don’t know the Interesting Facts about the Number One Social Networking Site. So that Why You are here to Check these Below Amazing Facebook Facts.

25 Mind Blowing Facebook Facts & Figures You Didn't Know
25 Mind-Blowing Facebook Facts You Didn’t Know

There are Almost 1.4 Billions of Users of the Internet from Mostly all Country and all Religion. Facebook helps these connect and help share their information, Pictures, Videos, and many things with Each Other Via Facebook.

On the Way, Facebook Acquires More Popular Apps and Services Like WhatsApp, Instagram & Oculus. Check Below What are the Amazing Facebook Facts and  Current Statistics of Facebook Right Now.

Facebook Facts & Figures 

List of Top Interesting Facebook Facts You Probably Don’t Know:-

  1. 600,000 Hacking Attempts – Popular Social Networking Site Facebook ranked as Number One. So Security is also the Concern for that. There are Approx. 600,000 Hacking Attempts Made by Hackers or Other on Facebook Accounts Everday. This is the Largest Number of Hacking Attempts on a Specific Site.
  2. 100,000 Friends Request – There are Approx. 100,000 Friends Request is sent Over Facebook in Every 10 Minutes.
  3. Facebook Watching You – Am Going to Reveal a Dark Truth of Facebook that They Also Track a Websites that You Visits Even After Logged Out from your Facebook Account.
  4. Facebook Blue Color – This Fact is Totally Related to the CEO of Facebook – Mark Zukerberg. He is Suffer from Red and Green Color Blindness. So that’s Why He Only see Blue Color Better than These. He Also Said that “Blue Color is Richest Color for Me.”
  5. Mark Zukerberg is VIP on Facebook – You can not Block Mark Zukerberg. When you are trying to Block, It shows a Blocking Error.
  6. Earn $5+ From Every US, Facebook Users – United States is ranked as a Top Country that from Facebook Earn a Big Amount of Money Like Every Website.
  7. What Facebook Acquires – Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus, Private Core are Work Under as Facebook Subsidiaries. These Services and Apps are also Ranked in Top Position like Facebook.
  8. More US Users on Facebook – According to Survey, There are More People on Facebook from the United States than US Citizen Voted in the Last Election.
  9. Facebook Takes Almost 27% of Upstream Traffic for Upload  – There are many Photos, and Video is Uploaded into Facebook Every Minute. So It Takes Upto 27% of Upstream Web Traffic of the Internet.
  10. Fact Behind Like Button – On Facebook, You Daily use Like Button that was Originally Going to be Called “AWESOME.”
  11. Fake Profiles on Facebook – There are Almost 8.7% Fake Users on Facebook Who make their Profiles for likes, share, and Other Purposes.
  12. 1.8 Mill Likes in Each Minute – On Facebook There are Approx. 1.8 Millions of Likes are Made in Single Minute.
  13. Facebook Hosting Fact – Facebook Spend 30 Million Dollars on Their Hosting in Each Month. This may be the Biggest Hosting Money ever use for a Website.
  14. Facebook Loss for Every Minute It Down – When Facebook Server is Down or Under Maintenance So They Losses $2500 for Single Minute.
  15. Mark Zukerberg Salary – This is the Crazy fact that CEO of Facebook Mark Zukerberg Only Receive $1 as a CEO salary.
  16. Upload your Status without posting – Text you Write on your Facebook Status It Automatically Saved into Facebook High-Speed Servers that can Receive your Every word as you Type in your Status even If You Can’t Click Post.
  17. Facebook Reject Brian Acton in 2009 – WhatsApp Co-Founder “Brian Acton” is Rejected in 2009 by Facebook for Job. But Five Years Later Facebook Buy WhatsApp for $19 Billion. This is the Example that “How Time is Changed.”
  18. US Users Spend 40 Minutes Daily on Facebook – According to Facebook Stats, Every United States Users Spend almost 40 Minute on Facebook every day.
  19. 350 Million Photos Every Day – Uploading Picture on Facebook is Going Crazy that 350 Million Pictures are Uploaded into Facebook Servers In Single Day.
  20. 927 Million Hours to Play Games on Facebook Every Month – People Spend Approx 927 Million Hours to Play Only Games on Facebook in Each Month.
  21. 1 Billion Apps Attached – There are almost 1 billion Apps Link is Enabled on Facebook.
  22. $1.4 Million in Every Hour – Facebook is Earn almost 1.4 Million Dollars in Every Hour.
  23. Add Number 4 at the End of Facebook URL – When You Put Number 4 After Facebook URL. It Automatically Redirects to Mark Zukerberg’s Profile.
  24. Facebook Bug Bounty Program – Facebook Launch Bug Bounty Program in the Year 2011. In this, You can Find a Bug or Flaw in their System, and You Get paid a $500 Minimum Bounty from Facebook. The amazing thing is that It is no Highest Limit of Money paid to Security Researchers. Bounty is Totally Depend on Your Bug If your Bug is Critical, So You Get Paid Big Buck from Facebook.
  25. Facebook is Ranked as 3rd for Divorce Cases – In Divorce Filing, the Facebook name is ranked as the Third Word in most cases. Means Information of Facebook is become the Major Factor of Divorce and also Act as a Source of Evidence in these Cases.
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