Most Popular Attractions To Visit In Guiyang

Guizhou province is situated in China’s southwest, and Guiyang is the province’s capital city. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Guiyang’s population of almost 5 million inhabitants makes it one of China’s most under-visited towns.

Therefore, visiting here can sure to have a lot of fun that truly makes your trip memorable. Are you ready and wondering to go there with your family, friends or alone? Without thinking much, start planning, book eastern airlines reservations online, and save up to 45% off on every flight till the last minute. To help you out, we’ve mentioned some of the best & exciting places to visit in Guiyang.

Pavilion Jiaxiu in Mandarin

As the Chinese character Jiaxiu implies, the designer of Guiyang’s Jiaxiu Pavilion believed that the inhabitants of Guiyang were the greatest and brightest on earth. So the structure was dubbed Jiaxiu Pavilion. There are three floors to the Jiaxiu Pavilion, which is almost 20 meters tall, with a pointed top and three eaves.

It has carved windows, red latticework, and raised eaves on both sides. All kinds of art, from stone carvings to calligraphy works to paintings and woodwork may be seen at the Jiaxiu Pavilion. Visitors will be able to view these. A 206-character antithetical couplet penned by a member of the Imperial Academy in Guiyang is among the selections.

It has 26 more characters than the one at Kunming’s Daguan Pavilion, which is regarded as the world’s longest. Guiyang is home to the couplet’s author.

One of Guiyang’s most popular parks has been named after the city’s most famous landmark, Mount Quinlin. Ancient trees, springs, strangely shaped rocks, and high mountains may all be found inside the park.

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As one of Guizhou’s most popular tourist destinations, this garden is a green mountain range, surrounded by lush forests, and dotted with historic temple structures. Qianling Lake was created in 1954 when a dam was built over Daluo Spring. 

The Hongfu Temple

Qianling Park, Guizhou province, is home to the Hongfu Temple. Which may be located in the northeastern area of Guiyang. There are three chambers in the temple, each adorned with a plethora of jade Buddha statues. Furthermore, the temple is adorned with galleries, ponds, and springs that have a high creative character in addition to these exquisite chambers.

Jade Buddha statues fill every one of the temple’s three chambers. The architectural style is best described as magnificent and time-honored. There have been several modifications and extensions to the temple over the last three hundred years, and as a consequence, it is currently an extremely well-preserved example of its kind.

Qingyan’s Forbidden City

Construction of the 741-acre Qingyan Ancient Town, today known as Qingyan Ancient Town, started in 1378. In recent years, Qingyan Ancient Town has been a famous tourist destination because of its rich history and vibrant cultural atmosphere. Numerous people from China and other countries have come to see it. On the cliffs of Qingyan Ancient Town, you’ll be awestruck by the gigantic rocks that were used to build the city walls.

Discover the Dishes of the People Most visitors to Guiyang, especially first-timers, will want to try some of the local food while they are there. Guangdong cuisine is known for its spicy and sour flavors. Which can be found in dishes like fish in sour soup, vegetable spring rolls, Changwang noodles, pot-seared pig feet, and Huaxi beef rice noodles. These meals, as well as others, will provide you with a glimpse into the everyday lives and viewpoints of the locals.

Stop what you’re doing and take a few deep breaths at Kidney of the Earth

Guiyang’s abundance of wetland resources surrounding and blending with its high-rise blocks is a feature that other cities are jealous of. Guiyang’s image as a “cool” city is based on the peaceful marshes that surround the city. From Huaxi to Aha Lake to Dulaiying, calamus and reeds sway in the wind and dance in the sunshine.

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You’ll be surrounded by mandarin ducks and egrets the whole time you’re out for a stroll by the river. Spring brings mountain flower sea, summer brings luxuriant lotus, and autumn brings a golden rice field, thanks to the lush vegetation covering the picturesque settings. It’s hard to imagine a more perfect setting for photographers than this.

Because why not challenge yourself to an Exciting Rafting Adventure?

Rafting in the Nanjiang Grand Canyon is necessary if you want to get the whole Nanjiang Grand Canyon experience. Since the river channel has been kept clean and wide with a good drop distribution, the experience is thrilling and safe.

Tourists may test their mettle in the scenic region’s physically taxing activities like rock climbing and forest exploring. The perfect way to wind down after a long day of exploring is to see an ethnic dance performance, relax in a barrel plant-infused steam bath, have a backyard BBQ party, and spend time with the people you care about.

Last Words

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