How to Fix MSVCP140.dll Missing Error ? [Best Solution]

Are you looking for a solution for msvcp140.Dll missing error fix?  Then, My dear friend, You Are The right place. Because in this article I am going to talk about how you Can Fix msvcp140.Dll missing error in your windows pc.  One of the best Method To solve this type of problem is to find the root of the problem. So here I am going to share some of the methods that can help you out in your scenario. Let’s dive into them.

MSVCP140.dll Missing Error– Here is the FIX!
MSVCP140.dll Missing Error– Here is the FIX!

Steps on How to Fix MSVCP140.dll Missing Error

MSVCP140.dll Missing Error can prevent you from enjoying your most favorite games on your PC or it can also prevent the execution of some important high-end programs. so I can feel annoying sometime. and where are the methods to remove this annoying error.

#1 Reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ Package

this one is rather easier and more genuine methods to fix this error. just simply uninstall the older package of Microsoft Visual C++,  and reinstall the new one.  this method will simply renew all the corrupted and missing files from your system. and you will be able to run all the games and High-end programs that you are trying to run earlier.

#2  Download It from the External source – Risky

There is another method which is the ultimate one. if you cannot fix the problem by the method you can simply download an external solution from The link. After downloading the file you can copy it and paste it in your c:\windows\system32 folder. Then, restart your computer and your problem will be fixed for sure.

Make sure to download the files from the genuine link. Otherwise, You may get into some problem. Because downloading an internal organ system file from an external source is not recommended. It may cause harm to your system so, use this method wisely.

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From the Editor’s Desk

At the end of the article, I can hope that this has solved your problem. And now you will never face msvcp140.Dll missing error in life. If you have any doubt or any suggestion for me please leave it in the comments below. I’ll try to reply as soon as possible. Thanks for your time and faith. I’ll see you in the next article bye bye!