My FireStick Won’t Turn On? Here Are 6 Easy Steps to Fix It

Your Fire Stick device won’t switch on for a variety of reasons. We’ll cover some of the most typical Fire TV Stick issues in this tutorial, along with solutions you can take to fix your device.

Now, in order to get the greatest results, you should first try an Amazon Fire TV Stick option. Decide whether you want to move on to the next solution after making sure the solution worked for your Amazon Fire Stick device. 

Let’s look at the best fixes for a Fire Stick streaming gadget that won’t switch on now that that has been cleared up.

How to Fix Your Fire TV Stick Not Turning On

As soon as their Fire TV device stops operating, the majority of Amazon Fire Stick owners examine their power cable and power adapter. That’s a fantastic start, but occasionally the real issue is your Wi-Fi router.

Note: A Fire Stick device may not always respond to commands sent from the Fire Stick remote if it is not connected to the internet. Your Fire Stick device won’t switch on or firestick shows black screen if that occurs.

The issues you might be experiencing are numerous because Wi-Fi routers vary from one manufacturer to another. Try unplugging your router, waiting for around 30 seconds, and then plugging it back in to restart it. Next, try turning on your Amazon Fire Stick to see whether the issue has been fixed.


Best Remedies for “FireStick Won’t Turn On” Issues

Audio issues with FireStick

Because you’ve attached an external speaker to the Fire Stick, it can occasionally decide to stop working if that speaker is having audio-related issues. Checking to see if the external speakers you’re using with your Fire Stick are genuinely compatible with it is the best course of action. Whether not, try adjusting the audio settings to check if your Fire Stick device can function properly.

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Fire TV Remote’s Battery Is Low

a picture of someone replacing their TV remote’s battery since their TV’s battery is running down

The FireStick remote won’t function properly if there is a low battery problem, if there is one thing that is certain about it. In the event of a power outage, you can try pressing the remote buttons all you want, but the remote control sensors won’t respond because there is no USB wire to connect the remote to your Fire TV. You’ll continue to believe that your Fire Stick gadget has either entered a permanent sleep mode or that you are experiencing the frozen screen issue.


Circuit board issues

An illustration of a motherboard with issues

Although they are uncommon for Fire Stick, motherboard issues can happen. A Fire Stick device frequently has the same problem due to overheating.

If you’ve determined that your FireStick device’s motherboard is malfunctioning, your only real choice is to buy a new motherboard. If not, you can mail your FireStick to an authorised Amazon customer care facility. They may offer a long-lasting remedy for your device in exchange for a little fee. Of any luck, that will fix the issue with your FireStick not turning on.


Remote For FireStick Not Pairing Well

Your remote could occasionally fail to link with your FireStick and stop working. In that situation, you must unplug and then re-plug your FireStick device. Take your remote in your hand and click the home button. Hold it down for around ten seconds. Hopefully your remote will then link with your FireStick once more and fix the issue.


You Have a Faulty Power Adapter

a picture of a burnt cable and a broken power adapter to illustrate the idea of a broken power adapter

Sometimes the Fire TV Stick power cord or power adapter is defective, preventing your FireStick from turning on. By confirming that the cord is properly placed, we can rule out any cord issues.

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Make sure the adaptor is not broken. If the adapter is unable to supply adequate power, the Fire Stick shows black screen also. Use a different one if you have one nearby to resolve any power-related Fire Stick issues.