Netflix Discloses Its Hefty Employee Salary Scale As Competitors Raise Eyebrows at Incentives

With the Netflix CEO Salary standing at a whopping $31.5 million US Dollars, the entertainment application giant has indeed gained a lot of reputation for showering its employees in wealth. The salaries of the two top officials of Netflix was revealed this Friday. With Hastings’ salary increment comparatively less, standing at 7% compared to Sarandos, who got a 20% raise.

Ted Sarandos, the successor to Hastings, would roughly make the same amount of money as his predecessor after equity and taxations. When a spokesperson of the top brass was approached, he refused to comment about Netflix’s steady growing compassion towards Sarandos.

Netflix Discloses Its Hefty Employee Salary Scale As Competitors Raise Eyebrows at Incentives
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Netflix Chief Financial Officer David Wells Chief Product Officer Greg Peters and General Counsel Chief David Hyman were also subject to significant increments. Netflix has been booming the international market this year with its shares at an all-time high.

Its stocks have grown by 33% this year despite market turmoil that had put Netflix in deep debts. 2018 saw Netflix took over production giants ABQ Studios which is to be the den of its original Netflix Original Series.

In 2018, Netflix spent a rough estimate of 9 Billion US Dollars to produce its original web series and shows. Netflix has managed to secure a record year at the Box Office with phenomenal Original Netflix Series as well as movie blockbusters like Marvel and DC.

Rebecca Keegan, a movie critic, and senior film editor from Hollywood has stated that claims of Netflix killing the movie-going population is highly exaggerated since the top movies have all grossed more than the TV series from Netflix and other streamers. Though, web series giant Netflix has managed to stir up a frenzy in the Worldwide entertainment arena with its consistently increasing fanbase and popularity.

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