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Top 10 Best Notepad++ Alternatives For MAC OS X !

Notepad++ Alternatives For MAC OSX – A Text Editor is one of those basic things, we need for either making important notes or Documents. These are also, the favourite tool for the programmers and developers for creating tools and programs. Almost all Operating system manufacturers know about this need. And, They Pre-load the OS with a basic Text editing program. E.g. Windows has Notepad,  Mac has Notes / Text Edit. But, All these Basic Editors has some limitations. And, Notepad++ is the Main Alternative of all these editors. But, There are also many Notepad++ alternatives available out there.

In the online world, You’ll find alot of notepad++ alternative for mac.  but, You won’t know about – which one to select? You’ll find a great editor named as atom for mac. And, you may think it is best. but, How about an article telling you about the top alternatives for notepad++? So, this kind of interesting info you’ll find here.

That’s why we want to look for the 3rd Party Programs. So, Today we are going to talk about Most Famous Notepad++ Alternatives For Mac OSX. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

List of Notepad++ Alternatives For MAC OSX

Best Notepad++ Alternatives For MAC OS X
Best Notepad++ Alternatives For MAC OS X

There are many Text editors available, which are alternatives of Notepad++. But, There are some programs most favourable by the users. And, They recommend them using again – just because of their good quality features. Let’s Start by the first one.

#1 Sublime Text

The sublime text editor is one of my favourite editors. All because of its unique formatting feature. The editor contains a spell-check option and as well as self-formatting is entered text. The Programmers prefer Sublime over Notepad++. Which makes it best alternative of Notepad++. It can detect various programming languages via file extension you are working on. The coloured formatting of the keywords leads to easy debugging of the programs.

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#2 Atom

Atom is another alternative to the Traditional Notepad++ program. The main advantage of using Atom over Notepad++ is that You can completely customise Atom‘s Layout. The way atom works are completely modifiable. If you are good in understanding the Programming stuff. You can grab this project from Github. And, Start manipulating the core config file of Atom as per your need. The program is ready-made with the beautiful layout.

#3 BBEdit

BBEdit is a creation of the company named – Bare Bones. The program is a Hardcore programmer stuff. It comes with the amazing and simple User Interface, Beautiful colours and Easy to understand options. It can be used as industrial grade programming text editor for the IT companies. Although, the program is available for MAC OSX only for $50. You can visit their official website to check out more details.

#4 Brackets

Brackets is the child of the ultimate – Adobe group. They’ve created and maintaining this amazing FREE and OPEN SOURCE text editor project. It’s neat and attractive user interface makes it stand alone from all the other text editing programs in the market. You can specify the settings for various colours and gradients in the settings options. It supports most of the file extensions including media files PSD, AI etc.

#5 UltraEdit

UltraEdit is the creation of – IDM Computer Solutions. This is a strong programming based text editor for web designers and developers. You can do HTML, PHP, C, JavaScript, jQuery etc. all in this little program. And, all of your code will get auto arranged and formatted with colours and spacing. It is a simple, but user-friendly editing program. Which will hep you in many of your web projects.

#6 Vim

Vim is the alternative creation of the Vim editor of the Linux OS. It is an amazing, simple and attractive text editor. Which supports almost all of the basic features with the additional colour formatting of the text and spaces inside your text file. You can custom format your files and documents in Vim. It is a free and open source project. You can grab it from the GitHub.

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#7 TextMate

TextMate can be considered as the combination of basic eMac text editor and theme layout of the OSX. It is not free, but paid text editing program – worth $58. If you are a professional programmer or developer and need to use user-friendly and light text editor for your task, then TextMate should also be on your list. You can easily handle big – multi-file projects and quite complex arrangements and sheets of files can be created easily, as per the sake of user’s need.

#8 Textastic

Textastic, As the name of the editor, explains. It is a Fantastic coding platform program for the mac users. The program is quite advanced than other basic text editing programs. You just need to login into the program before starting using. And, while working on your project files. It keeps a track of your files by cloud uploading and syncing of your files. You can anytime restore of check the previous version of your project via options.

#9 Komodo Edit 

Komodo Edit is a fast, simple, easy to use text editing program. Like Sublime text editor, Komodo Edit supports spell-check, auto-complete, a Colour highlight of the special syntax or error lines in the code. This leads to high productivity while working with such editing programs. It comes with full-featured IDE or a light versioned Komodo program, which contains almost all of the features of Komodo IDE.

#10 TextWrangler

TextWrangler is the last, but not the least text editor. It is Another rival alternative for the Notepad++ on the MAC OSX platform. TextWrangler is another creation of Bare Bones company. You can assume it as the cousin brother of BBEdit program. But, this one is not with a price tag. You can download and use it for Free. But, only thing is that it contains limited options for the customization than BBEdit program. but, All n all – It is a great text editing program.

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Hopefully, You would like my article about the Best alternatives of Notepad++ For Mac OSX. The alternatives are decent and good featured. If you are having any suggestion of doubt for me. Please Put it in the comment field below. I’ll try to help you out as best as I Can. Thanks for your time.