Top 10 Most Notorious Hacking Groups In The World Ever !

Best Hacking Groups In The World
Best Hacking Groups In The World

Best Hacking Groups – The invention of the computer has made our life comfortable and easy. But on the other hand, this environment gave birth to new problems too. Hacking is one of those problems, But Perception can be deceptive. The powers in the right hand can make everyone’s life better. The same thing is applicable for Hacking too. There are many Hacking groups worldwide, who are protecting the common people from various cyber threats. So, Today I’m going to talk about those awesome Top 10 Best Hacking Groups In The World. Let’s have a look at them.

List of 10 Best Most Notorious Hacking Groups in the World Ever:

Best Hacking Groups In The WorldAlthough, there are many hacking groups around the globe. But, here in this article, I am going to talk about only a few of the selected ones. Which are based on the effect of their existence on the digital world. The more they have the impact – they better is their rank on the list.

I am a Big Fan of Hacking, it always fascinates me about the power of a person with right tools and knowledge. Hacking is one of those things which will make you understand the real value of knowledge and its right implementation.

#1 Anonymous

The Father of all hacking groups, The almighty’s messengers are back with the mask of Anonymous. The group is very famous among hackers too. After an open challenge to ISIS, they became the primary shield in the cyber world. It is spread worldwide but still the united group. They stand against the injustice, keeping their mask on faces. They Never forget, They never forgive.

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#2 Lizard Squad

Lizard Squad is an online active hacking group. The main victims of their attacks are the High profile websites, e.g. Banks, Airline websites, Facebook etc. Once they Hack the Malaysian Airline website and redirect all the users to a page saying, “Plane Not Found!“.  Facebook has always denied the fact of being hacked, but the down servers for sometimes indicate the DDOS attack by Lizard Squad. They like to grab the bigger fishes.

#3 Chaos Computer Club

The Group Started in Berlin, 1980’s. They are sometimes referred as CCC, and one of those few groups who are good and try to help the common people. Now, They teach the people about the tech and help big companies by the ethical hacking concept. They uncover the security flaws in the system and helps infix them.

#4 Syrian Electronic Army

Syrian Electronic Army of SEA is one of the rough hacking groups that exist. They are on the web for a certain purpose, and they take it very seriously. The purpose is to avoid all types of cyber opposition in Syria and maintain the smooth functioning of a system. They are widely assumed as the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad’s  personal security supporters.

#5 LulzSec

The LulzSec group has born in 2011 and is stands for Lulz Security. The group can be assumed as the offspring of the Big Anonymous group. They have got their awesome slogan line as “Laughing At Your security since 2011”. They have hacked quite big names, containing, Sony Pictures, and CIA’s official website. But, on their catch in 2012. One of the group leaders gave up the names of members and a thus group started collapsing.

#6 The Level Seven Crew

The Level Seven Crew comes into the spotlight in 1999. They caught some of the big fishes at that time, but in 2000 – Their activity stopped. The list involves the great NASA servers, The First American National Bank, US Embassy in China’s Website, and Sheraton Hotel. They are still not that much active over the web.

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#7 GlobalHell

The history of GlobalHell group is quite interesting because it was started by a street-gang leader named as “Patrick Gregory.” The Group is most famous for the saying, “Globel Hell will not die.” on the US navy’s websites. The group has destroyed millions of dollar data from almost 115 websites.

#8 TeaMp0isoN

TeaMp0ison is an amazing hacking group started by a 16 years old teenager. Who used the pseudonym Trick, in 2010. They take down the famous NATO, FaceBook,  Daily Mail UK site, the English Defence League, which included Tony Blair’s account. The group went offline in 2012 but again went up in 2015 as a white hack hacking research club.

#9 Tara Andishan

The Iranian Hacking group of 20 people. All full of technical knowledge and experience with the tools. The belief about their origin is that the group, based in Tehran, formed due to the Stuxnet worm virus which, was a joint effort by US and Israeli forces against Iran. They have also infected many of the US navy websites with their SQL injection techniques.

#10 Network Crack Program Hacker Group

The Network Crack Program Hacker Group, Long for NHCP, was founded in the Chinese borders in 1994. There is not many details about the group by it is a rumour that, The Group leader, named as “Tan Dailin”, Was working with the Chinese army to help them.

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