How to Access / Open YouTube website in Material Design view?

Access YouTube in Material Design view: YouTube is one of the Famous Website on the internet for the videos. You can almost search and stream all kind of videos from there. But, Since the beginning of YouTube – They have the similar layout of the design. Which feels kind of boring. So, Google has just announced that they were working on the new layout of the YouTube interface – from past 3 years. You can now open Open YouTube website in Material Design view easily with little youtube trick

The Project is still under development. But, You can still enjoy the beta version of this project. All you need to do is change few settings. And, give few tweaks to the browser. That’s why, I’m here. So, Today in this article – I’m going to share few tweaks and tricks with you to experience the New YouTube interface as the Material view. Without any delay, Let’s have a look at them.

Access YouTube in Material Design view

Open YouTube website in Material Design view
Open YouTube website in Material Design view

Although, it is recommended by google that – You should use Google chrome and use a cookies editing extension. But, it is also tested that – You can access the YouTube Material view with Firefox and other browsers like, UC & Opera too. So, Let’s have a look at the steps to access YouTube Material View.

Steps to Access YouTube in Material Design view

  1. Open Your Browser, Search for ‘Edit This Cookie‘ Extension.
  2. Download and, install it in your browser.
  3. Open a new Incognito Window of Your Browser, make sure to allow the extension ‘Edit This Cookie‘ in the Incognito mode. (via settings)
  4. Now, Copy the Link “” And, Open it in your Incognito window.
  5. You’ll see the Normal YouTube Page. But, You need to follow the below steps carefully to see the magic:
    1. Click on the Cookie Icon. And, Click on the Option “VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE“.
    2. Replace the Text inside the Text-Field with ‘Qa1hUZu3gtk‘.
    3. Click on the Green Tick mark button.
    4. Reload the Page!
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That’s all. You can Now, enjoy the hidden material view of YouTube. And, I think – for a change, this layout of the user interface is much better than the traditional layout. It seems more user-friendly to me. But, It all depends on your taste and thinking. let me know – in the comments if you also like the material view better than the current view. Thanks of your time. See you next time. 🙂