How to Optimize Your Landing Pages with Video ?

Landing pages are designed to drive high conversion rates. Your goal is to create pages that can generate the maximum-possible traction. Using videos is a great way to optimize your landing pages and boost your conversions. There is no denying that video content can be more compelling than most other types of content. It can deliver more information in a more effective and useful way. So how can you optimize your landing pages using videos?

1. Create Explainer Videos

mysimpleshow is a proven and powerful platform that allows you to create explainer videos. You can create promotional or educational explainer videos of any length, rich with animation and graphics. Explain your product in a way that will grab your target audience’s attention. It can make it much easier and quicker for them to understand what the landing page is about and how you can benefit them.

You will be able to show your product or service in action. This is far better and more effective than getting your audience to read through the content. mysimpleshow provides you with the right tools to create explainer videos that can make your message stand out. You are not just creating any video. It helps you create informative and rich videos with fully animated video production capabilities. If you can imagine anything, you can turn it into valuable video content for your target audience.

2. Submit Video Sitemap to Search Engines

Once you have created videos using mysimpleshow and added them to your landing pages, submit a video sitemap to Google. This will make it easier for search engines to find your videos. Follow these tips to optimize this aspect of your pages:

  • Create video sitemap that provides the location of each video and little detail about it.
  • Use the Google webmaster tool to submit the video sitemap.
  • The search engine will crawl your landing pages to verify the videos and index them.
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Google will usually index your pages, but it can take a lot of time. Using this method can help you get your pages and videos indexed faster. This can also boost your pages’ SEO. Using mysimpleshow, you can create explainer videos in different styles and formats. Whatever your niche and whatever you want to promote or explain, it provides you all the different formats to achieve your goals.

3. Let Your Viewers Share Your Videos

Once you create videos and add them to your landing pages, make sure they can be shared by your viewers. mysimpleshow allows you to create videos that enhance both engagement levels and learning experience by using interactive features. A significant percentage of your viewers are going to find something more valuable and unique about your videos and want to share it.

You can embed social media widgets to allow them to share your videos on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. This can help your landing pages generate more social traction, often leading to some video content going viral. You can never imagine where social media can take your content and business. With almost everyone using the Internet having a social media account today, you cannot ignore the importance video sharing.

4. Drive More Traffic

Rich and useful content that generates higher level of engagement is highly valuable to Google and there search engines. It eventually comes down to user experience and if search engines see that you are delivering value to your users, they are going to rank your pages higher.

You can use mysimpleshow to create rich and information-loaded videos for your pages. The more the volume of such rich content on your landing pages, the better your pages are likely to rank in different segments, including video search, image search and organic search. All this translates into more traffic.

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Use mysimpleshow to Create Stunning Explainer Videos

mysimpleshow provides you with easy-to-use tools to create your own explainer videos. Whether you have a business or want to create elearning content, or anything else, it offers just the right tools.

You can also choose the professional account to get help from mysimpleshow’s experienced team to turn your complex ideas into great and engaging stories. You can start for free to create unlimited videos & explainer videos. Advanced features are available with plans starting from just $5.99 a month. The business plan is the most popular one starting from $89. If you want to put your landing pages ahead of the competition and get your audience’s attention, this platform will make your task easier.