5 Reasons Why you Need to Choose Plagiarism Checking System !

Reasons Why you Need to Choose Plagiarism Checking System
Reasons Why you Need to Choose Plagiarism Checking System

Plagiarism is considered as a serious ‘offence’ in the academic circle. It is also a serious concern in the world of online publishing. Penalties can include legal action for copyright infringement. So you can never be careless when it comes to creating papers or any type of content and publishing it or using it for academic purposes. Here are 5 reasons why you need to choose a plagiarism checker like Plagramme.

Reasons Why you Need to Choose Plagiarism Checking System
Reasons Why you Need to Choose Plagiarism Checking System

1. Evidence of Plagiarism-free Content

The most important reason for using a plagiarism checking system like Plagramme is that it provides a reliable evidence that your content is not plagiarized. You can generate a detailed report from the software and attach it as a copy. Besides, Plagramme also allows you to send the detailed copy to your educator (if you are a student) or the person you are writing for.

Many instructors, universities or publishers will require that you furnish a copy of the plagiarism checking report along with your paper or document. And ensuring that the report is generated by a trusted and reliable source can make things even easier for you.

2. Become a Better Writer & Thinker

Another advantage of using Plagramme for checking your work is that it helps ensure that you are creating your own thoughts. In other words, you are able to prove that the thoughts are original and your own. So if you are a student, educators are able to ensure that their students are developing their own thoughts, which is important to the entire educational model.

When students create plagiarism-free work, it shows that they are learning to express themselves without reproducing the work of others.

  • Firstly, the very knowledge that your paper has been checked and verified to be plagiarism-free is an incentive and inspiration for you to do better.
  • Secondly, a plagiarism software like Plagramme providing you detailed report of copied content can help you identify your mistakes and improve.
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3. Learn about Additional Sources of Plagiarized Content

A simple search on Google or other search engines is most likely to provide you one or two sources of the plagiarized content. On the other hand, using a plagiarism software can run a search on the entire web and if plagiarism is detected, it will provide details of all the sources.

Plagramme can run a search on all the databases including article databases, many of which are not available to major search engines. If you are looking for content matches on search engines, you are making a huge mistake. There are many databases which include books and other documents which are not available to search engines.

4. Get Percentage Similarity

Plagramme not only provides you a percentage of content similarity with different sources, it also provides a detailed report of all the errors such as improper citations, bad paraphrases or matches. In many cases, the similarity percentage plays a crucial role. Many publishers or universities have the certain limitation on the maximum allowed plagiarism-percentage that can be accepted. This may not be the norm, but in many cases that is the case and knowing the accurate percentage can prove to be a valuable feature.

5. Free credits possibility

If your work is such that it is allowed to provide credit to the respective sources, a plagiarism checker can work as a valuable tool. So, users may protect their works, and earn money from it if someone will take their written material. A company provides a lot of opportunities to spend earned money on additional services, users only need to follow the rules indicated on the FREE section on their accounts and may get an access to other services for FREE.

Thus, there are many reasons for choosing a high-quality plagiarism checking system like Plagramme. It runs a search all over the web, across all the hidden databases and provides you in-depth details. It is easy to use and anyone with basic computer skills can use it. You can sign-up for free and use its basic checking features. Advanced features can be had for a tiny fee. However, there is also the option to earn credits by sharing the program on a number of social media sites.

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