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Pokemon Go Tricks 2018 – These days, whenever you open any social site, one thing you’ll definitely come across. i.e. Pokemon Go. If you don’t know anything about, what Pokemon Go is?. Then my dear friend, you are at the right place to know about it. And you’ll know about the Pokemon Go Tricks, Tips And Hacks related to the Pokemon go. Basically Pokemon go is a semi  virtual-reality game.

From our childhood, we are the fans of the animations like – Pokemon, dragon Ball & others. Which not only teaches us good lessons in the end – but, also provide us with the Tips & Tricks of Life. So, Here in this article – You’ll know about the favorite game Pokemon Go 2018 Tips, Tricks & Hacks. So, be with me till the end of the article.
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By semi virtual-reality, we mean that it can’t be played only by sitting on one place and controlling everything by your hands. The game is designed in such a manner that the player has to walk outside in the search of the Pokemon.

They can catch them and train them. Finally, they can use them to battle with other players. who has done same with their own Pokemon. This game is so much popular that its popularity can be compared with twitter. it is still launched in only selected countries, but you can still play it by downloading and installing the apk file. The link is given at the bottom of this article.

Pokemon Go Tricks, Tips & Hacks 2018:

There are geeks around the world, they came across some of the flaws, hidden secrets of the game. so, here we are sharing the collection of all those tips, tricks and hacks of the game.

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#1. Spoof GPS For Pokeballs.

GPS Spoofing is one of the best pokemon go tricks 2018. If you want more Pokeballs, and you are too lazy to play this game (in the idle way it is designed to play). i.e. You don;t want to walk around. then you can use this trick to spoof your GPS location and enjoy the game form your comfortable chair.

To get this feasibility of the game, you need a rooted device. then you need A GPS spoofing app. You can download it from the link below. But be aware that your account may be suspended or banned by Niantic.

#2. Get Pikachu For Start

When you start playing this awesome game. you’ll be offered with Chalmander, Squirtle or Bulbasaur. but in case you are the fan of Pikachu, like me. then you can follow these simple steps, to get it as your first Pokemon.

Don’t select any pokemon, when offered. just walk around an area and return to the same position about 4-5 times. Then in your option menu, you’ll see pikachu as 4th option.

#3. Catch Pokemons Effectively.

If you are a new player and facing difficulties in catching some Pokemons, then you can follow this trick. You’ll be better at catching pokemons after using it. The trick is that, if you’ll tap and hold on to the pokeball. It will make a green on the pokemon, and make a definite hit on the pokemon. and it will increase your chances by 50% more to catch this pokemon.

#4. Use Incense.

If you have some free time and want to play the game having full pleasure, then you can use Incense. It will make the pokemon appear for more than 30 mins. And you can easily level up your character and fill your PokeDex. There are 2 free incense in your bagpack.

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#5. Save Your Battery.

If you are a geek of playing this game and want to play it for a longer time. But due to graphics processing, it drains more battery and results in less play time. You can simply enable the battery saving mode. And now, you can enjoy the game for the longer time.

#6. When You Run Out Of Incense.

The moment when all of your available Incense are out of stock. then you can use this simple trick for getting them back. Go to the nearest most populated Poké stop where people might a lure module. Another important in Pokemon tricks and hacks. It works same is the incense but lures Pokemon to the area. This trick may help you.

#6. Incubate Your Eggs.

This is very important trick in the game that whenever you find any egg. you must put it in the Incubate, this will result in very fast hatching and getting a baby Pokemon.

#7. Turn Off Camera.

One of the most simple and unknown trick that the players of Pokemon go don’t know is  to Turn Off Camera. This will save you from surrounding distractions and save’s your phone battery too.

#8. Play Pokemon Go While Traveling.

If you are travelling but still want to enjoy the game. the game will not allow you to hatch eggs,if you are moving faster than 20 km/h. But this little hack will help you in getting some advantages. While travelling, you can tap on nearby poke stops and recieve your items as soon as you get near to them. this maybe helpful.

#9. Lucky Eggs.

The main and big part of the game are Eggs. There are some lucky eggs out there, which can Double your XP and help you in leveling up faster. In populated areas, you’ll find the lucky eggs easily.

Download and Play Game :

You can either download this game directly from the Play store or you can get the apk file from the link given. The game is very much easy to play and exciting with pokemon go tricks. you must give it try. If you find any difficulty in the usage of tricks. you are welcome to comment you difficulties below. we’ll try to fix these problems. Thanks.

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