8 Most Popular Programming Language Based On Jobs !

Popular Programming Language Based On Jobs
Popular Programming Language Based On Jobs

Popular Programming Languages Based On Jobs

Most Popular Programming Languages – Today, almost every company needs computers. With the advancement in technology, the demand for the IT guys has also increased. Programmers are also the main link in the chain, and they are in high demand. But there are some programming languages preferred. Companies want to hire people with the knowledge of these languages. So, Today I’m going to talk about  Most Popular Programming Languages Based On Jobs. Let’s have a look at them.

8 Most Popular Programming Languages Based On Jobs:

As, technology advances – the need for the better programmers increases. And, with the increasing demand of market – we need ot know about the most used and knows programming languages of all time. So, we can prepare ourselves for the market and its demands.

These all programming languages in the list are selected on the basis of research, and experience of experts in the market. The relationship between Jobs and computers makes it a better topic to research.

#1 Java

One of the most known, and most compatible programming language. It supports almost every programming language. The java programs are easily usable in mac or windows, Linux. This is the reason for its worldwide acceptance. Java is used by some big companies named as, Linkedin.com, amazon.com and Netflix.com.

#2 SQL

SQL is a Database language. It is quite an advance in the sense that it has natural language (Human language) like properties, although it is a programming language. Which makes it very easy to understand and learn. Companies like, google and Skype uses this language the most. Here’s a site where you can find lots of remote SQL developer jobs.

#3 Python

Python is also a good rival in this list of best programming languages. This is a general purpose programming language. Which is named after its creator, ‘Monty Python’. This language has also the ability of natural language and is very simple to learn and read. There are big organisations like NASA, Reddit and PBS who uses python for their websites.

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#4 C

The mother of all another programming languages. C is a classic programming language, with the ability to do anything in computers. You can control almost every piece of hardware from C. This is still the base of all the programmers to learn. Almost every college and institute teach C in order to make students clearer about the computer programming.

#5 Cpp

Cpp is an advanced version of C. The two ‘++’ indicates the increment in the C languages. It is general purpose OOPS (object Oriented Programming Languages). Unlike C, C++ supports the concept of classes and data protection. The encapsulation of data provides an advanced method to protect data from external manipulations. Twitch uses Cpp for their Game development environment.

#6 C#

Microsoft itself introduced an another upgrade to the classic C language and Cpp. In C# (C-Sharp) they tried to implement the advanced data structuring, data protection etc. Today almost all Microsoft application uses C#. It is also object oriented like c++.

#7 PHP

PHP has a great history of development. It is created by Danish-Canadian programmer Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994. He never developed it as a new programming languages, Although he has created the tool for his Personal Home Page (PHP)Today, it is known as the most popular online data handling programming languages. Facebook is using PHP for their servers.

#8 JavaScript

JavaScript is a web version of java. It is used in making the online web pages more interactive and beautiful. You can do almost everything only by using JavaScript in the code of your web page. It is a universal programming languages, used to make android applications, online applications and web pages.

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