10+ Most Amazing Prank Websites on Internet Right Now 2020

tHere, we came with an entertaining app; everyone loves prank websites. So if you want some funny website which will allow you to irritate your friends, then here we are listing you ten different prank websites list on the internet.

All these websites are created for trolling and pranking your friends. And this will also make you feel genius amongst your friend’s group.

You should try these websites and allow some fun in your monotonous use to life schedule.  So, it would help if you tried these prank websites. And make your life exciting and also flaunt your intelligence in your friend’s group. prank websites that you can’t exit

Many of you guys demanding some websites where a user can’t go, but guys those sometimes contain virus or malware, so we are here only share those safe prank websites list that is not harmful to anyone. Trolling your friend via prank websites is the best way to prank your friends easily via whatsapp text or Facebook text. You need to get website links and scare your friends. troll website links

List of the Best Prank Websites to Amaze Your Friends in 2020:

#1 Facebook scary prank

Facebook scary prank
Facebook scary prank

Emotion is a straightforward way to handle and create also. Here we are providing you some scary and fear full prank website that your friend can get goosebumps after visiting this website. This Facebook scary prank website allows you to scare your friends from these websites. It is one of the most memorable and unique prank styles. And this frightening thing always works when it comes to disturbing some other.

#2 Crashsafari

We always want to rule others pc and mobile. And want to irritate them. So here we came with a very excellent prank website link where you can able to handle your friend’s pc or mobile and hanged them. You have to send the link of the crash web browser to your friend’s pc or mobile, and when they open them, the pc or mobile will get hanged until they restart them.

#3 Hackertyper

Hacker Typing on screen prank
Hacker Typing on screen prank

Hackertyper is one of the funniest prank websites on the internet for trolling your friends that you a massive hacker. This website will allow you to type like a hacker and will enable you to show someone that you are an excellent hacker. But the reality is something else.

#4 Google Gravity

Google Gravity
Google Gravity

We are blessed as we have gravity; it makes us stable. Just imagine if you can able to feel this gravity in your pc, then it would be more awesome. Yes, here, this Google gravity website will help you to feel the sincerity in your pc.

#5 Fackeupdate

Fake Winodws Update Screen
Fake Windows Update Screen

This fake update website is the most fantastic window prank pc; this will allow you to irritate your fellow mates a lot. You have to create a phony window 7 and window 10 update on your browser screen. And when you enter it in the browser, your screen will show blue screen death on your screen, and with this, you can prank anyone.

#6 Update Facebook Status from Any Fake Device like iPhone

Now a day’s social networking sites play a very vital role in anyone’s life. We share every moment through that.

Here we are talking about one prank website which will allow you to update fake status from any artificial device like iPhone from this website. And this will help you to troll your friends by updating status from any premium devices and allow to irritate them a lot.

#7 Create Fake Whatsapp Messages Prank

Just like face now, we all are busy in our Whatsapp only. We even stay stick to whatsapp only. There we chat, call, and share our entire essential things. Here we are allowing you to create fake WhatsApp message and allow to irritate your friend.

#8 Red Button

Red Button Prank
Red Button Prank

The red button website allows irritating your friends. This website will enable you to create a button that you can show “do not press the red button” every few minutes. It will pop up on the screen. And you’ll enjoy using this excellent online service.

#9 Google Terminal

Google Terminal
Google Terminal

This Google terminal will allow feeling your pc looked like the 80s. You have to open this website and search any query in the 2019search toolbar, and then you will get results in the terminal. This website is fantastic, and you will feel like time is gone back in the ’80s.

#10 Create Fake Facebook Status

Create Fake Facebook Status
Create Fake Facebook Status

This website will help you create an unlimited face Facebook status, and you can post it, and all will look just real. Anyone can’t be able to distinguish also. You can able to irritate your friend by updating fake updates all the time.

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