Prescription Sunglasses and Their Reputation

Prescription Sunglasses

Sunglasses prevent harmful sun rays from damaging your eyes. Prescription sunglasses are those that contain a prescription lens according to your eye prescription. In a more straightforward form, sunglasses with power are called prescription sunglasses.

Who Needs Prescription sunglasses?

If you are suffering from refractive errors that require correction with prescription glasses and an increased requirement to spend most of the time out in the day or the sun, then choosing the prescription sunglasses is your answer. However, you can also use the glasses when you like to use them when you spend time in the sun, such as a vacation on the beach, playing golf on the weekend, or other such activities.

The Advantages of Prescription sunglasses

The critical factors when you are considering spectacles are usability and practicality. Prescription sunglasses combine the best of the worlds in eyewear and offer excellent protection from harmful radiation emitted by the sun. In addition, the correction of the refraction error ensures a clear vision. The following motives will help you decide why you should be considering the glasses:

  • Ultraviolet Radiation Protection: UVA and UVB radiations cause damage to the eyes that lead to conditions like macular degeneration, cataracts, and more. With the help of prescription sunglasses, you can avoid damage to the eyes, as they block 100% of the UV rays emitted by the sun.
  • Protection to Gentle Skin: The skin encompassing the eyes is sensitive and thin. They are highly vulnerable to UV rays and experience severe damage than the eyes. With sunglasses, you are extending the benefits of UV protection to the sensitive skin around the eyes. With regular use of sunglasses, you can prevent sunburn and premature aging of the skin, circumventing the eyes.
  • Clear Vision Under the Sun: The prescription sunglasses have a power that corrects your refractor errors. As it addresses the correction needs, you can see better even when the sun is shining bright in the sky. Henceforth, you will have a clear vision of anything that you see irrespective of the eye condition and sun’s brightness.
  • Glare Prevention: You will experience a blinding glare when the sun’s rays bounce back from surfaces such as water bodies, sidewalks, roadways, etc. Many people are sensitive to the sun’s glare than the brightness. With the help of prescription sunglasses, you can avoid blinding glare and have a clear vision in every situation.
  • Suitable Choice for Leisure Activities: As you have the option to choose the material and style for the sunglasses, it will be a perfect addition to your outdoor activity, such as a sport or activity.
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Is it Possible to Use Prescription Lenses for Sunglasses?

It is possible to use prescription lenses in the sunglasses. Nonetheless, ensuring the quality of the frame’s material is essential. As you are using sunglasses with refractor correction features, they weigh a little additional than the usual pair of sunglasses. When you choose a frame with good quality, it helps hold the lenses in place and provide accurate vision with ease.

Tips for First Time Buyers

If you are buying prescription sunglasses for the first time, then it is vital to follow the two crucial tips as follows:

  • Revisiting Eye Doctor for Updated Eye Exam: It is essential to have an updated eye exam, which you can complete by revisiting your eye doctor. Correcting the pupillary distance will help choose the position of the lenses that will go into the sunglasses.
  • Sample Sunglasses: You can start the process by trying sample sunglasses to check the coverage they provide to the eyes. You must ensure that the glasses that you are choosing will meet your day-to-day requirements and outdoor activities.

Specific Materials and Treatments

You can use the prescription sunglasses for any prescription lenses, which include bifocal and progressive lenses. Selecting the suitable material for the lens is crucial when you are picking a pair of prescription sunglasses since you depend on the functional aspect of the requirement provided by the glasses. Choosing the appropriate material is equally important as the benefits they provide.

You can match your requirements with the following section and see which type of lens will come to your rescue.

  1. Polycarbonate material lenses are suitable if you are active in outdoor activities such as sports.
  2. Polarized lenses are suitable if you have sensitive eyes to the sun’s glare. These lenses provide neutralization for better vision.
  3. Photochromatic lenses are ideal if you want to have sunglasses that lighten or darken depending on the sunlight. Do remember that such glasses require UV rays to activate the change in the tint.
  4. If you are in a hurry always and have the tendency to drop the glasses now and then, picking a scratch-resistant lens is suitable. You can forget about the scratches and breaches each time the glasses fall of your ears.
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Frame Styles

You will find the prescription sunglasses available in all frame styles, from cat-eye to oval shape. As you can pick anything you like according to your requirement, experts often ask one thing to keep in mind. The prescription sunglasses come with extreme curvatures.

When you select an improper frame, you will experience distorted vision. However, it varies from person to person. Careful observation and communicating with the eye doctor will be a preferable choice while picking the sunglasses.

The Final Words

You are bound to find prescription sunglasses as a valuable addition compared to the regular refractor correction spectacles or lenses. The sunglasses are convenient, practical, and pragmatic and are worth the investment. As you will use them regularly, they will act as a comprehensive solution for all the vision-related corrections and requirements.

You can choose the lens based on your need, such as near distance, reading books, or additional boost for the bright shining sun when working out in the sun. With all the information you have in hand, it is time to look for the glasses that fit your need. Ensure to purchase it from a reputed brand and a retailer offering quality and customization features.