Top 5 Best PSP Emulators for Android 2018 – PlayStation on Android

Best PSP Emulators for Android
Best PSP Emulators for Android

Best PSP Emulators for Android: PSP Or Play Station Play is still a great way of enjoying video games. From my childhood to till date, I’m kind of addicted to such stuff. And, They are the best choice for the gamers. But, For Some issues – If you are not able to buy a PSP for yourself. And, You own an Android smartphone. Then, You have everything in your hand to play with PSP Emulators for Android.

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Best PSP Emulators for Android 2018 – So, In this article – I’m Going to share few of my methods and techniques those I’m using to play a PSP game On my android device. All You need to install is a PSP Emulator Program. And, these Programs are free available on the play store. And, Here I’ve listed Top 5 of them – based on the Popularity and user reviews. So, Sit back tight and Have a look at the list.

Best PSP Emulators for Android Devices

Best PSP Emulators for Android
Best PSP Emulators for Android

Following is the list of All these Top 5 amazing PSP Emulators for Android. Which will make your life much more interesting. You can use your android device for more than just calling and clicking selfies. You can – Now have, what we gamers call – “The real FUN”. Let’s have a look at the list.

#1 AwePSP

AwePSP is the ultimate PSP Emulators for Android. It’s awesome and clean Handling makes it much more better to use. And, The Easy to understand User-interface makes it much more useful than any other PSP Emulator availbale. Just go to play store and look for this AwePSP emulator. And, Load all your favorite Games into it.

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#2 OxPSP

OxPSP Emulator is another rival for the first place of this list. And, It is also a great Emulator to work with. Its algorithm is little different than any other emulator. As, it allows you to run heavy graphics games even with smooth and clean performance. So, If you are a game addict then, this one is for you.


PPSSPP is the real contender for this top 5 list. As it allows you the exact same interface as that of the real play-station emulator. And, you can easily load different games into it using your memory card. It also allows you to save games and Load them again later. SO, if you play games in the story mode – then you must use this emulator. The user interface is ok as compared to other emulators. But, it worth to give it a shot.

#4 Emulator Pro

Emulator Pro is another amazing PSP Emulators for Android smartphones. The best thing about this Emulator is that it allows You to analyze the resource usage of your Android device. While you are enjoying the game. You can adjust FPS of the games. And, allow limited CPU usage. But, If you’ll mess with the settings. It may cause games to get hang and crash sometimes. SO, use this feature carefully.

#5 Ultra PSP

Ultra PSP is the last, But not the least in our Top 5 list of PSP Emulators. Even though it is at last – it has tremendous features about the game handling and control. You can adjust settings as per your comfort. You can enlarge the size of buttons on the screen too. So, It helps during the gameplay.

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And, That’s enough for this article. Let’s finish it here – before it can officially become a book. So, I can assume that – You’ll like this article about ‘Top 5 Best PSP Emulators for Android‘ If you have any Doubt or suggestions – You are welcome in the comments. I’ll be happy to read your comments. Thanks for your time.

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