PUBG Fan-base Booming as Revenues Jump by 166%

Tencent Games in association with Lightspeed and Quantum Studios have brought about a revolution in the smartphone gaming world with their new launch: Player Unknowns’ Battlegrounds, or briefly, PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile can be pegged as an evolution of PUBG PC which was introduced by Tencent a few years ago. It runs on Steam Account multiplayer gameplay.

PUBG works via a first or third person perspective (depending on the preferred mode). It is a shooting and survival game where a maximum of 100 players are dropped on a particular island, and they have to outplay the other opponents to win the round.

There are namely three maps in PUBG Mobile (for now, updates are yet to come): Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok. The players need to drop to the island by a parachute, pick up weapons and shoot all the remaining opponents to get a so-called “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.”

PUBG Fan-base Booming as Revenues Jump by 166%
PUBG Fan-base Booming as Revenues Jump by 166%

The fundamental advantage the game has over its other competitors like Fortnite or Free Fire is its smooth performance even in mid-range phones. The minimum graphics provided by the game is suitable enough to work without any network lag at necessary network speeds.

Statistics suggest that the game’s reach has increased 2.8 times in just two days. Revenue generation stands at a whopping 85 Crore, jumping swiftly from 32 Crores. PUBG Mobile torpedoed into the last week of November by grossing 12 Crores per day against Fortnite which earned an estimated Rs 8.5 crore per day on the iOS platform alone.

The other recognizable thing about this game is the constant updating of gameplay environments, seasonal updates, new maps, and faster gameplay controls. Such is PUBG’s popularity, it has found its way into the Global Gaming Awards nominations list. It would be advisable wise to put one’s money on PUBG for bagging the top spot in the Global awards this year.

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