How to Record an iPhone Screen Video Without Jailbreak & Computer

How to Record an iPhone Screen Video Without Jailbreak

How to Record an iPhone Screen Video Without Jailbreak & Computer: There are many people owning an iPhone and there are many types of people who own an iPhone. Now some do enjoy it and have it for the basic of a smartphone but some of us may like to Record an iPhone Screen. It can be on anything, whether recording a gameplay or making tutorial videos or any other reason. how to record iphone screen without computer 2018

How to Record an iPhone Screen Video Without Jailbreak & Computer
How to Record an iPhone Screen Video Without Jailbreak & Computer

iPhone Screen Recorder App no jailbreak Due to security and privacy concerns, Apple doesn’t allow any applications to record your iOS device’s screen that’s because a recording app could theoretically continue recording even after you may have stopped, allowing it to capture account and password information that you enter on your device. It is malicious, which should explain why Apple won’t risks its image with any third party doing developing such an application. how to record iphone screen without computer

Steps to Record an iPhone Screen Video Without Jailbreak without computer :

But Apple did consider the need for recording screen and Apple’s own QuickTime Player lets you do it for free, but you’ll need that Lightning cable to do so. Moreover Software’s like Reflector will let you record your iPad and iPhone screens, and such third party software developers usually charge money for it. If you do realize all these steps ask for a use of computer. But is there any other way? YES there is!!! And we will cover it all for you, so lets get started with How to Record an iPhone Screen without jailbreak?

Method 1: BB Rec

Description:  BB Rec is a screen recording application, which by some how, maybe by some magic made it to the app store for a limited time in august. It got banned in an hour or so on the same day, which was very obvious. Luckily, me (the author for this post) was one the lucky ones to get it for myself before the ban. But there is still a way to get it and i am going to tell you how! iphone screen recorder app no jailbreak

Step 1: Download the .ipa (Linked above on the name)

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Step 2: Using Cydia Impactor (100% Safe) to Sideload the application to your phone!

Method 2: Air Shou by

Description: The app, which allows you to screen record directly from your iPhone, without having to jailbreak or use a computer. This app is not available in the iOS App Store, so you’ll be side loading it like we’ve done before in the past for video game emulators like GBA4iOS and etc.

Step 1: Open safari on your iPhone

Step 2: Type in – or go to:

Step 3: In the website, scroll down until you find the Air Shou screen recorder with its icon

Step 4: Click the Icon

  • Now A dialogue box will appear showing description and stuff, it will also have under it the Install Button

Step 5: Click the Install button

  • Another dialogue box will come to confirm if you want to install or cancel, its profile.

Step 6: Click Install

Step 7: After its Installed, Dont open the app yet. Go to Settings >> General >> Device Management >> Click the profile >> Trust the profile

Step 8: Now you can run the application

  • Pretty simple userface with Start, Stop button
  • Enjoy 🙂

Method 3: I Rec

Description: Similar to Air Shou and its perfect alternative, the app lets you record screen.

Step 1: Go to this Link:

Step 2: Click on Get

  • Now you can follow the steps as mentioned above for Air Shou (From Step 4.1)
  • Its the same process
  • Works perfectly
  • Enjoy 🙂

From the editors Desk :

There are ways to record screen from QuickTime too, but here I wanted to highlight the ways with which you don’t need to plug your computer again and again to record videos. According to me, BB rec is pretty nice application. The installation process maybe a bit complicated than airshou and I Rec but BB rec as an app is pretty well made in comparison with the two. So hope that now you know How to Record an iPhone Screen. Let us know in the comments. iphone screen recorder app no jailbreak

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