How to Remove “Powered By Blogger” Attribution Widget ?

How to Remove Powered By Blogger attribution from Blogger ? Blogger tips & Tricks

Guys Today I can give you the easiest method that “How to Remove Powered By Blogger Attribution Widget from Blogger/Blogspot ?”. This is not a Difficult Stuff that How to Remove Powered by Blogger Attribution widget from Blogspot. I have seen many bloggers who irritated from this because it can show the Blogger label that causes blog not Looking Professional So, That’s why They want to Remove it. One More thing, In  Blogger Layout the “remove” option is to disable by default in all blogger templates. But now in Templates, you can Remove this Widget by your Self. Straight to the point guys.

Many of people want to remove this powered by blogger attribution widget from their blog because of its look so dull that someone sponsored you and like that. Many fo bloggers who have less experience and newly use blogger platform must see this simple tutorial that how you can Remove Powered By Blogger Attribution Widget from your blog so blog easily.

What is Blogger Platform?

Many of people know that what blogger is? This is for those who do not really know about blogger. Basically, blogger is a free platform for blogger and you can customize your blogger blog according to your need. Now they offer more cool features to their users like now that time they offer SSL to their free users. You can also use custom domain on your blog spot blog and save your hosting money and run your blog only with domain cost.

Why do We need to Remove Powered By Blogger Attribution Widget?

The reason behind that most of the people wants to remove Powered By Blogger Attribution because they do not want that their visitors see this and think that the site owner uses free blogging platform for making site so they remove that attribution and sometimes they add their name or company in that place. Below you can see the simple steps to remove powered by blogger attribution from your blogger blog easily. Many of people show you the complex way to remove powered by blogger but In here you can see the simple tutorial on how to remove powered by blogger attribution widget.

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How to Remove Powered By Blogger attribution from Blogger ? Blogger tips & Tricks

Steps to Remove “Powered By Blogger” Attribution Widget:

  1. Firstly Open you Blogger Account and Choose that Blog you want to Remove the Attribute Widget.
  2. Now Go to Template >> HTML In this Section you see “Jump to Widget” Option Click on it and Choose “Attribution1” Widget and it will automatically Point to that to Remove Powered by Blogger Widget from Blogger and Blogspot 2015
  3. Now Press CTRL+F and Search for this Below Line
    <b:widget id=’Attribution1′ locked=’true’ title=” type=’Attribution’>
  4. Now Time to remove This. Just Replace ‘true’ with ‘false’ Like we Demonstrate in Above Screenshot.
  5. After this Your Code is Looking Like :  <b:widget id=’Attribution1′ locked=’false’ title=” type=’Attribution’>
  6. Save Your Template and Go To Blogger Dashboard >> Layout.
  7. See the Attribute Widget in Layout and Click Edit and Now Remove Option is Appear in Attribute Widget. Simply Click On Remove Button and remove Your “Powered By Blogger” Attribution Widget.


Now Click on View and Preview your Blog. Now you notice that “Powered by Blogger” Attribution is Remove. It is mainly set by Blogger in Default and Disable Remove Permission for this Widget. If this Article is Helpful for you So Please share you Experience Below in Comments.

From Editor’s Desk:

Guys, above we demonstrate the simplest way to remove that powered by blogger widget from your blogger blog and you just need to follow up some simple comments and remove it. If you face any type of problem regarding this tutorial you can leave a comment below we can solve your problem as soon as possible.