How to Remove WGA Notification in Windows XP/7/8.1 ?

Remove WGA Notification in Windows xp/7/8.1
How to Remove WGA Notification in Windows XP/7/8.1 ?

Remove WGA Notification in Windows – In Windows WGA Notification is very annoying thing that when we start our computer and they show pop up about WG A Notification and ask to click next or cancel every time. Most of the Time It pop up when your Windows XP is not licensed and your computer is connected to internet, it is very possible to get the newest Microsoft update in form of WGA Notification – Windows Genuine Advantage Notification or GENUINE warning. In this post we will teach your to Remove WGA Notification in Windows easily.
This update will remind you all time that your Windows XP Operating System is not licensed and it will give options for licensing. Also when your system is already started, the WGA process is always active in your taskbar and there is no way to turn off because it will be started again automatically and continue with annoying warnings.

Steps to Remove WGA Notification in Windows :

  1. First of Fall Navigate C:\Windows\System32.
  2. Find the File named “WgaTray.exe”.
  3. Right Click on it & Hit Delete.
  4. Now Restart your Computer & Enjoy !

Another Ways to Remove WGA Notifications :

  1. Click on Start, Run and Type regedit Hit Enter.
  2. Now Registry Settings will open and locate “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Notify”
  3. Delete the notify folder and restart your computer.
  4. That’s It DONE.


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