How To Run WhatsApp and Any App On College Wi-Fi ?

In School and College, There is Restriction to Open Social Sites and Use Social Apps Like WhatsApp, Hike, Viber and Other Messenger Using College Wi-Fi. So Who want to use WhatsApp and Other Social Apps on their Phones on College Wi-Fi So Here is a Solution to Access Them. Generally, College is Implement a Hardware or Software Security Servers to Block These Apps and Manipulate Their Wi-Fi Network. Here is a Cool Trick to Run WhatsApp and Any App On College Wi-Fi.

Run WhatsApp and Any App On College Wi-Fi

In Previous Post I Discuss to Access Blocked Sites at School, Colleges and Office Place. This Post is Similar Like that But We are now Going to Implement Proxy in our Android Phone. You can also do it Manually But Install a VPN is Better because it already connected to their own Proxy Servers Services that Automatically Switched Time to Time for Change your Location.

Steps to Run WhatsApp & Any App On College Wi-Fi :

  1. Firstly, Download “DotVPN – Better than VPN” App from Google Play Store ( Here ).
  2. After Downloading this App They ask you to Sign up for it. Just Sign up.
  3. Now when your Enter the Details It automatically Connected to Proxy Servers.
  4. It also Offers a new User to 7 Day Free Turbo Speed Trail.
  5. You can Change your Country Location by Tap the Bottom Button.
  6. Please Wait when it is in Progress to Changing your Location.
  7. When It Turns into Blue Screen It means it is Successfully Connected.
  8. Now you can Easily Access WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Hike, Viber and any Other Social Apps through your College Wi-Fi.

From Editor’s Desk :

There are Thousands of Proxy and VPN Apps on Google Play Store and you can choose anyone of these. But Here I Show this Tutorial using DotVPN because it is reliable and has Very Good Proxy servers. So By Using This Tricks Now you Easily Run WhatsApp and Any App On College Wi-Fi without any Problem. If You have any Doubt with this Trick so Please Comment it Below.

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