Samsung’s Bug Bounty Program to Offer upto $200,000 dollars !


Samsung is paying hackers up to $200,000 to hack its devices. All devices have to be fully up-to-date and the impacted services should be currently active. This initiative is done to encourage hackers to find bugs in their devices.

On the off chance that you like testing out the vulnerabilities and security blunders of both programming and equipment, wouldn’t you need to get remunerated for doing those things. All things considered, in the event that you do have a place with the security group, at that point Samsung needs you to go and enable them to enhance their items and administrations and after that get your equitable prizes. They are currently propelling their Mobile Security Rewards Program on a bigger scale, in the wake of running a test case program since January 2016.

Samsung's Bug Bounty Program to Offer upto $200,000 dollars !
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Fundamentally, what Samsung needs to happen is for the security specialists to assess the honesty of both their cell phones and the product with the goal that they will have the capacity to settle the vulnerabilities that their items may have. A previous couple of years, individuals have been truly specific about security issues on their devices and in addition the product and applications they utilize. Thus having specialists constantly looking at if their items are powerless is truly imperative to Samsung at this moment.

Samsung to Encourage Hackers to Find Bugs in their Devices

As the main supplier of cell phones and encounters, Samsung perceives the significance of ensuring clients’ information and data and organizes security in the improvement of each of its items and administrations,” Injong Rhee, Govt Vice President and Head of R&D.

Software program and Companies of the Cell Communications Enterprise at Samsung Electronics said in a public statement. “As a component of our sense of duty regarding security, Samsung is glad to work in close association with the security inquire about the group to guarantee that the majority of our items are checked intently and persistently for any potential vulnerabilities.”

Samsung’s lead S8, S8+ and the Galaxy Note 8 are incorporated into this framework. The contraptions inside the reward program furthermore grasp these inside the Galaxy S, Galaxy Note, Galaxy A, Galaxy J, and the Galaxy Tab accumulation.

The corporate may even pay prizes to those who submit potential vulnerabilities inside the freshest Samsung Cell Companies, together with Bixby, Samsung Account, Samsung Pay and Samsung Go, among others. The abundance can be granted basically in light of the seriousness of the bugs answered toward the South Korean tech huge and the scientists’ way to display confirmation of thought.


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