How to Send and Request Money using Siri via PayPal ?

Send and Request Money using Siri via PayPal

How to Send and Request Money using Siri via Paypal: Sirikit. All this technology is with the help of Sirikit. Apple brought big change to the development of their new iOs , allowing third party developers to develop new and amazing things for iPhone.

We all have seen how it impacted Apple with the release of the biggest hit of the year well for that month, Pokemon Go and so much more you can do with 3D Touch and with Siri ! Now Siri is Apple’s proprietary framework that lets your iOS 10 apps to function with Siri, which let users get things done just by using their voice. In addition to extending Siri’s support for messaging, photo search and phone calls to more apps, Sirikit also adds support for new services, including ride booking and personal payments.

iOs 10 was a whole new concept and a new beginning for Apple. They launched iOs along with the new iPhones in September WWDC. Since then many have been developed and they made full use of the Siri Kit and as you saw two of the most popular payment apps Venmo & Square Cash have already implemented by using their service by talking to Siri. NowPayPal Holdings, Inc. being an American company operating worldwide online payments system that supports online money transfers and serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods like checks and money orders obviously need to stay up with the technology.Send and Request Money using Siri via PayPal

Similarly, PayPal, being the leader in the game, couldn’t stay behind. As one known for its great money transfer rates, such as the best AUD to INR exchange rates, CAD to PKR exchange rates, and the list goes on, they could not be left out obviously.
Even though Braintree bought Venmo and later Paypal bought Braintree, so to keep it simple. Paypal owns von mo. Even if they do, it operates as a different company but obviously they can share the developments and research with one another. So yes now even PayPal allows Siri to Send and Request Money with Siri.

How to Send and Request Money using Siri via PayPal ?

So Paypal’s new update, Version 6.7 of  iOS app lets users send and request money with Siri commands. You need to setup the basic information in the app and let the app use your contacts and stuff and you’re all set to go!

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Step 1: Download the Latest PayPal app on your iPhone.

  • Install the application

Step 2: Making sure that Siri is on and active with the use of the home button or so.

Step 3: Setup the Paypal app, and make sure the app has access to your contacts

  • You can allow or stop the access to contacts by going to settings >> privacy >> contacts and tap the toggle in front of PayPal.

Step 4: Now that everything is set, You can now Send and Request Money using Siri.

  • Eg 1: “Send $60 to [Contact Name] from PayPal”
  • Eg 2: “Siri, Please Send [Contact Name] $60 using Paypal”
  • Eg 3: “Send [Contact Name]] $60”

IF you wish to receive money then simply ask Siri for it.

  • Eg: “Request $60 from [Contact Name] via Paypal” or so.

Step 5: Siri shall get on its work and then confirm you the payment amount and to whom it will be going to.

Step 6: Reply Yes to Siri OR just tap on Send which will be the on-screen payment card.

From the Editors Desk :

So that is is guy’s, How to Send and Request Money using Siri via PayPal. It is available in over 30 languages and the feature will be available from the app version of 6.7 and above. This is a great move by Paypal to keep up with it the time and its competitors and making user experience fun and easy. If there is any doubt, Comment below!