4 Best Shazam Alternatives for Android Phone (2020)

Best Shazam Alternatives for Android Phone
Best Shazam Alternatives for Android Phone

Hi Guys, here I am back with a new android article for you, which is very helpful for everyone. We all have an android phone because android provides us more features than another operating system. Are we mostly prefer to buy Android Phone For Calling, Text Messaging ! not at all. We bought it because we know that we can use so many things on it as an android in android.

We can easily go anywhere with the help of Google Maps; we all have social media accounts android we can easily use it, online banking, and so more things. The android phones are very cheaper than other os. Android provides millions of free app from the Google play store or any other store.

Best Shazam Alternatives for Android PhoneLet’s talk about our article, We all go to the restaurant, coffee shop, the club in our daily life and we heard some songs, but we do not know anything about the song, and we can’t even remember the lyrics of the song. There are so many ways to remember or identify songs playing around you; Shazam is one of them, but sometimes it brings a wrong result.

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List of Best Shazam Alternatives You Should Use

Now the time, there are so much more shazam alternatives app are coming on the market. Below we give you some best shazam alternative apps suggestions. Choose any one and installed it on your android device. This app will help you to identify the song when the song will be playing around you. shazam alternative android

1. Sound Hound

SoundHound is one of the best alternative applications of the Shazam app. It has 100 million users with a high rating that is 4.3. It is effortless to use by clicking “ok hound,” or saying “ok hound… what’s the song?” and an application will automatically recognize the song.

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You can also play any song, say it “ok hound, please play ‘song name’ by ‘singer name’ ” e.g., “ok hound, please play No Love by August Alsina” If you want to watch the video, then you can easily say “ok hound play ‘song name’ video. You can also check latest songs of any singer, say “ok hound what’s August Alsina’s latest song.”

2. Music ID

Music ID is also another shazam alternative application that Instantly identifies the music that is playing around you. This shazam alternative app is free for everyone in the google play store. You can also get an album for your favorite singer by doing a single step. In this app, you will create a note for yourself because it will remember where and why you got that song.

Imagine you were in the CCD, and you got the song from there, so you create a note like I got this song from CCD. You can also buy any song with a single click and play it anytime on your device. This app has 1 lac users and has a 3.8 rating on the google play store.

3. Musixmatch

Musixmatch is a music player with collections of song lyrics and can identify the song. This application is totally free in the google play store for everyone and has millions of users who used it on their devices.

This app’s main feature is song lyrics; the music match has the world’s largest collections of song lyrics that means you will easily find all lyrics of any song.

You can also learn other languages because this app allows you to translate the song lyrics with the song. With this app, you will easily find your favorite song by song title, artist, and also use a single line of the song lyrics.

4. Music Identification

This is also the Shazam Alternatives that can help you to find songs. Music Identification is another app on this list for identifying the music and song playing around you. It has one million users with a 3.5 rating on the google play store. This app will show you the artist’s name and the title of the song and provide you the link to the song.

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If you want to know about music and song, this application is only for you; it is a faster-identifying song app. It will give you the name of the song, artist, and some other basic information about the song, nothing else.