10 Sites Like Couchtuner | Free Couchtuner Alternatives

Top 10 Sites like Couchtuner: There are many websites which help movie and tv shows lovers. You can easily find new tv shows, movies, documents and music on such files. One of these sites is couchtuner. However, there are also other couchtuner alternatives available out there. So today we will be talking about latest couchtuner alternatives.

Sites Like Couchtuner 2018 – Do you like movies, tv shows, music, and documents? I’m sure you do. If you’re fond of these media, then you must be knowing about couchtuner. couchtuner is an online streaming site where you can easily stream tv shows, movies, and other media. However, there are other great couchtuner alternatives out there which must try. So, without any further wait, let’s get started.

List of Top 10 Sites like Couchtuner & Couchtuner Alternatives

Here we are with some of the best couchtuner alternatives. These sites work just like couchtuner and offer excellent services. So if you’re particularly unhappy with couchtuner then there alternatives might catch your eye. So without waiting further, let’s start with the top 10 sites like couchtuner.

1. The Dare TV

It is one of the first Couchtuner alternatives which we recommend to our users. It known as The Dare TV and it works similar to Couchtuner. However, people do get a different vibe when hearing this name for the first time. They offer a great collection of an option to choose from. You can easily find your favorite movie titles there. The best part is that all the service on this site is completely free. Also, they do not have any hectic sign up process in order to access their content. However, if you wish to get updates and notification on new TV shows and movies then we recommend you to sign up for their service. This is because that have a huge database fo media and they also support live sports.

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2. Cucirca

Cucira is another free alternative to Couchtuner and it is completed dedicated to TV shows only. So if you’re a big fan of TV shows then this is the perfect choice for you. They have a huge database fo TV shows including old as well as the new ones. You can watch any TV show episodes without signing up for their service. However, we do recommend you to sign up for their service as they will inform you whenever a new season comes out! Cucira has a great collection of TV shows for every kind of genre.

3. Series Craving

Another important addition to this list is Series Craving. Series Craving is a similar site to Couchtuner which allows you to watch various TV shows and series for free. The site feels really modern in terms of user interface. Also, they have a huge database of TV shows. You will find all different kinds of TV shows there. They also have a dedicated TV shows schedule system which helps to watch TV shows.

4. The Series Online

The series online is another great option if you like Couchtuner. It has one of the largest databases of TV shows as compared to any other site. A large number of people use this site to stream TV shows on it. The site properly arranges these movies and Tv shows according to their genre. So you can easily find the best Tv show or movie title by browsing their genre section. The site is pretty impressive and user-friendly.

5. Select TV

Select TV is like a whole different package than Couchtuner. However, it has a huge database of Movies, radio channels, events etc. moreover it also supports games as well. So if you like playing games then you will find game-related content on this site for sure. Unfortunately, the site is not free. In order to access it, you need to buy their premium subscription plan. However, their premium plan is not so expensive as t only costs around $2 per month. SO this makes it super affordable for the general public.

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6. Café Movie

Café Movie is one of those websites which have a huge collection of movies and TV shows. The number of TV shows and movies you will find on this website will make you love this website. First of all, all the titles are in a perfect list. You can find your favorite tv shows or movies by searching for them. You can also search them based on their genre. Also, this site is completely free to use it after you sign up for their free account.

7. TubiTV


You have no idea how perfect this site it. TubiTV is the best place for fulfilling the entertainment needs that you can’t even imagine. Every movie lover should check out their site at least once. The site is just like a library for movies. You will find all kind of movies of different genre and time period. And, of course, it is up to you whether you want to watch it or not. Also, you can watch classing old school movies as well. TubiTV is completely free of cost. However, you do need to register a free account with them. The best part is that they have their own app for Android and iOS users. Thats means you can watch your favourite movies directly on your smartphone!

8. ProjectFreeTV

As you can pretty much can guess, this site is all about free TV shows. ProjectFreeTV has a huge collection of different TV shows from different criteria. So basically its a good alternative to Couchtuner if you are in love with TV shows. However, you might not like the user interface of this website. As it is pretty standard and not appealing to user’s eyes. But one thing that’s great about this website is its database. They have a huge collection of TV shows from all around the world.

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9. Watch Episode

If you love watching episodes like the game of thrones, walking dead, arrow, flash etc. then this site is a great solution for you. you can watch as well as download episodes for free. furthermore, registering on their site is also not necessary. you can watch and download episodes without any kind of registration. Watch Episode also have a top 10 section where they frequently top episodes. If you watch episodes frequently, then you must try their site.

10. CMoviesHD

This is the last entry on free alternatives to Couchtuner site. You can easily search up and find many movies and great TV shows there. You will get super addicted once you get to know this site. There are various genres which you can look up. E.g. comedy, biography, family, action, sci-fi, action etc. You name it, and they will have it somewhere in their database. If you’re a fan of adult movies, then they have them too as well.

So, guys, these were the top 10 sites like Couchtuner. We hope you will try all these and use the site which works for you the best. If you know any other site which we should add to this list, then let us know via the comment section below. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.