Step Up Your Work From Home Game With A Virtual Background

Technology has liberated us from traditional office spaces, but it’s also made it easier to connect with others. Virtual meeting platforms aid in forging these connections. While meeting with coworkers, clients, or others vital to our work, we may overlook a helpful feature: virtual backgrounds. This simple feature can increase productivity, promote professionalism, and improve brand-building efforts.

Virtual Background Basics

Virtual backgrounds are digital images that replace your actual background during video meetings. The big three video conferencing platforms — Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams — all support their use. Ideal background images have a 16:9 aspect ratio and measure at least 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Two key technologies make virtual backgrounds possible: artificial intelligence and portrait segmentation. They work together to separate your face and body from your surroundings. The AI analyzes your outgoing video feed and identifies the difference between you and your surroundings. It then replaces your surroundings with your chosen background image.

Show Off Your Logo

With a virtual background, you can display your company logo or other branding elements behind you during calls. Key benefits include boosting brand recognition and standing out from other meeting participants. During one-on-one calls with clients, your brand remains front and center. In larger meetings, you set yourself and your brand apart from others who don’t display their logos.

You don’t even need graphic design experience to get a custom backdrop for your video calls. Services like Virtual Office let you create Teams, Meet, and Zoom office backgrounds free of charge. Choose the background you want, then upload your JPG or PNG logo file. Virtual Office does the rest, producing professional-looking backdrops within minutes. For best results, make sure your logo file has a transparent background.

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Always Look Professional

A Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom background with logo customization also helps project a polished and professional image when working from home. Besides drawing attention to your brand, your background obscures unwanted distractions. Whether you have piles of paper, sippy cups, Fluffy’s toys, or even Fluffy loafing on your printer, others in the meeting will never see them.

Remaining polished and poised during meetings also depends on the backdrop you choose. Having the Simpsons’ living room couch behind you probably won’t do you any favors. However, a sleek modern office setting can do wonders for your image. When choosing a customizable backdrop, look for workspaces, private offices, or conference rooms. The best ones will include an empty wall near the center where you can apply your brand logo.

Take Your Work to the Next Level

A personalized virtual office background is a simple and low-cost way to improve your online meetings. Using this easy feature, you can get much more out of your meetings. You always put your best face forward and cement positive associations with your brand in others’ minds. Coworkers, clients, and other stakeholders also enjoy the professional atmosphere they help project. With the wide range of backgrounds available, you have many options for upgrading your meeting experience.