Super Micro Says that Chinese Spies not Behind Bugged Gears

Super Micro, an imminent American Tech vendor company, has published an investigation report stating that the Chinese Government hackers were not behind the massive Marriot Hotel data breakthrough. The reports were published after Super Micro lost a massive amount of its consumer base because of a scare about it producing bugged motherboards.

A Bloomberg Report stated that the motherboards manufactured by “green and cloud computing ” research giants Super Micro are plagued by the Chinese Intelligence Cell. The motherboards, Bloomberg sources said, sent bad IPs to secured servers and also used the systems to act as a bot designed for surveillance or hacking. This was done by using an attached Integrated Circuit, the size of a fingernail.

The report went further stating that the prime target of the bugged Super Micro Devices was the US Government. Elemental, a server system powered by Super Micro, according to reports, was found on the Department of Defence surveillance systems of Navy’s Warships.

Super Micro Says that Chinese Spies not Behind Bugged Gears
Super Micro Says that Chinese Spies not Behind Bugged Gears

However, the internal investigations conducted by Super Micro suggest there was no involvement of the Chinese Government in this particular issue. A Quality Control and Assurance Video has also been released by the said company to build up the marred trust. However, this type of Chinese hacking scare is not the first time this year.

Beijing has upped its spying efforts and has made headlines quite a few times this year. Scares became so prominent that earlier this year, the US Government had begun pushing for a ban on Chinese manufactured Huawei, Xiaomi and LTE devices, which could pose a serious threat for users.

Huawei is also stuck inside a diplomatic disharmony where it breached the U.S. Sanctions on Iran, and its CFO is currently awaiting extradition to the U.S. The D.C. lawmakers are also on about curbing the involvement of Chinese workers in its intelligence and military surveillance.

Source – The Wall Street Journal

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