4 Ways To Take Screenshot on Snapchat without knowing the Person

Are you really wanted to take a screenshot on Snapchat without knowing the person? then here is the solution to your problem. We all know about snapchat, snapchat is one of the most using and popular social media platform where you upload you photos with cool features or also send them to your friends. Basically, we all are making funny pictures and upload on it which expire after some time. In case anyone will take a screenshot of your stories on the snap, Snapchat immediately notifies you about that person who takes a screenshot of your story.

So if you want to take a screenshot without knowing your friend then read this article properly. In this article, I’ll show you the 4 method that helps you to take screenshot  in snapchat without knowing the person. Before the start, i am clearing one thing that snapchat can fix these method in future but in present all the methods are working. Let’s see how it gonna be work.

Ways To Take Screenshot on Snapchat without knowing the Person
Ways To Take Screenshot on Snapchat without knowing the Person

How to Take Screenshot on Snapchat without knowing the Person

#1: Google Assistant

Google Assistant is one of the very smart and easiest ways to take a screenshot of any Snapchat story. SO if you really want to take a screenshot of Snapchat stories without knowing any person then use this method, it’s really helpful for you. Now, Check the step by step guidance which we have provided you below.

#1: Go to your Snapchat and open the story which you want to take a screenshot.

#2: Now, you need to call the Google Assistant by holding the Home button of your phone.

#3: Once Google assistant has opened, tell them to take a screenshot, you just need to say “Take a screenshot”.

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Note: This method is really helpful for all and also very simple to do but there a little problem which you should face probably. Actually google assistant does not give you an option to save screenshot directly on the gallery. But you get the option to share the screenshot which means you can share on other platform and also upload on google photo.

#2: Clearing Cache and Data

This is one of the easiest ways to take a screenshot on Snapchat without them knowing. Now, talk about what you have to do for this or how this method gonna be work. Below we’ve provided you the easiest steps to do so let’s check how you can do this.

#1: Firstly you need to open your Snapchat account and go to that story which you want to take a screenshot, load the snap properly.

#2: Once you load the snap properly, turn off your internet connection either its wifi /mobile data or simply click on airplane mode and open the snap again.

#3: Now you can take a screenshot which you already load, make sure your internet connection is turned off yet.

#4: Now go to your phone setting > Apps > Snapchat > Storage. There you will see clear data and clear cache option, simply click on both the options.

Note: This step is the most important step which you need to do for sure.

#5: After clearing cache and data, you get logged out so simply go to a Snapchat app and log in again.

#3: Screen Recording App

This method is especially for the Android user because on Android, Snapchat is still not able to detect that you are recording the screen so it is a big advantage for us. So let’s check how this method works.

#1: Go to your phone’s play store and search AZ screen recorder or you can download any. This one works well for me.

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#2: After installing, open this app and start recording.

#3: Now, open your Snapchat and view the stories which you want to take a screenshot.

#4: Once you’ve seen all the stories, stop the video recorder and save it.

#5: Now, go to your phone’s gallery and play the recorded video. Now, you can take so many screenshots from the video.

This method is more useful than the previous one. Because you can record the screen as long as you want and take a screenshot later from the video. And if you want to best quality result then record the screen in high resolution which helps you later to take the nice screenshot.

#4: Snap Saver

This application also allows you to take a screenshot secretly. Above methods are much better than this but if you don’t like those methods then don’t worry this method is also easy to use. So let’s see how we can take a screenshot on Snapchat without knowing them.

#1: Go to the Google play store and search “Snap Saver” app, install the application on your device.

#2: Now, Open the app and click on the camera option.

#3: Select the option which you want like Screenshot, Screen Recording, integrated and Burst screenshot.

#4: Open you Snapchat app, click on the snaps which you want to save or want to take a screenshot.

#5: Now, for taking a screenshot, you need to click on pop-up camera option.

#6: Go back the Snapsaver application and end the task.

Note: This application has their own gallery option where you can see al the screenshots which you have taken.