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Tech Milestones for Online Casinos 


Advances in tech have become so commonplace it is easy to take them for granted, but we should not underestimate how far we have come in just a few decades. Online casinos are a perfect example of how in a short space of time technological advances have led to massive progress.

Smartphones and Tablets

One of the most obvious ways that online casinos have taken a great leap forward is something that affects daily life for billions of people: mobile devices. Smartphones and tablets are used for work, socializing, and leisure. Before they became ubiquitous, mobile-compatible games and casinos were unusual, but nowadays games are designed from the start to function flawlessly with both desktops and mobile devices and the same is true for online casinos.

An increasing number of people prefer to play video games on their mobiles and to engage in casino gaming with them as well. From the player side, this means the convenience of being able to spin slots and try your hand at cards from just about anywhere, whether curled up on the couch during halftime or wandering around town. And casinos stand to benefit from the increased player base. In times past, mobile accounts tended to be separate from a ‘main’ desktop account, but sites now usually have them integrated, adding to the convenience for players. And bonuses, as well as games, are all fully supported on mobile devices too.

Finding the Best Online Casinos

The online betting industry is intensely competitive, which is one reason why casinos have been so swift to take onboard new technology. Any site shunning mobile compatibility would immediately and significantly reduce its potential player base. The upside for players in Canada is that there are ever more good sites at which to play, but this sea of choice can make it difficult to select the best Canadian online casinos. Luckily, you can easily find genuine options listed here and take your pick from the cream of the crop, all of which come with generous promos for newcomers and have an excellent array of different games to keep you entertained.



There have been a lot of banking methods added by most online casino sites beyond the bread and butter of major credit and debit cards. These include e-wallets, pre-paid systems, and even nation-specific payment methods such as Interac for Canadians. One of the most interesting additions is cryptocurrency, as this operates in a fundamentally different way to fiat currency and is far more volatile

Of these, Bitcoin is the most popular at online casinos, with other leading coins including Litecoin and Doge. There are even some betting sites that are Bitcoin-only, and some that offer Bitcoin exclusive promotions. For crypto fans these deals mean that it’s possible to have fun with casino games without having to change from crypto to fiat, then go through a banking system, making it far more convenient.


Think of streaming and the first thought might be of the advances in television but casino gaming is another sector that has massively benefited from this technological progress. While sites still offer regular table games such as blackjack, roulette, poker, and baccarat these are now joined by live dealer tables that take advantage of streaming technology to allow users to play live against the dealer.

Live dealer games have been popular for years now and became even more so during the pandemic lockdowns as they offered a safe way to enjoy betting live without risking any chance of catching COVID-19. In addition to classic table games, live casino sections also include some game show options such as Deal Or No Deal, Monopoly, and so on.

A VR Future?

The thing about technological advancement is that there is no stasis, it is in a continual phase of development whether that’s improving current tech or creating entirely new devices and software. One aspect that could loom large in the future for online casinos is VR (virtual reality). The headsets would perfectly complement online streaming to help immerse players even more when engaging in blackjack or poker tournaments, and offer substantially enhanced social interactions too.

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However, another potential use of VR could be on a more fundamental level if the metaverse really takes off. These shared worlds have a heavy emphasis on VR, and metaverse casinos would have the technology at their heart. Big business is backing the metaverse although there are some concerns that consumers are less enthused. But if it does end up being the next big thing then we can expect to see a plethora of betting platforms with fully integrated VR support.

Online casinos have jumped forward leaps and bounds over the decades thanks to their eagerness to grasp new technology, and this will only continue into the future.