Telegram Groups Link to Join-( 300+ Public Groups List)

Telegram Groups Link to Join 2018 – Telegram is a great alternative to Whatsapp as a secure and feature-rich messaging app. A lot of users uses Telegram for Marketing purposes, advertising purposes, friendships, relationships, etc. To help these people to meet a great audience, I have compiled a list of various Telegram groups in this post. These Telegram groups can be joined via a group link. These groups are based on group invite link strategy.

Means you can join the group as long as you have the joining link. These groups can help you significantly to improve your product reach or other marketing and advertising opportunities. There are 209 members in a telegram group by default. However, these can extend up to 5000 members if required. After joining the group, you can change the group name and icon as well. But make sure other members are okay with it. Now before joining any of Telegram gups, let us learn something about Telegram.

How to create telegram group Invite link?

  • Open Telegram app on your smartphone and click on the group’s icon.
  • Now, the new window is open where you can see the add member options. Simply Tap on that option.
  • Then, a page comes off that’s written waiting for network connection.
  • After sometime you can see the option invite by group link.
  • When clicking on the 4th step, you can get telegram group Invites link.
  • Share this to your social media and with your friends to add more members.

How to Join Telegram Group Chat

  • First of all, below there are Lot of telegram groups invite link. You can join a group by clicking on those links
  • Choose favorite Telegram groups. It directs to a window and says to select the app.
  • Then, Tap on telegram app it will prompt you to JOIN GROUP.
  • Just click Join! Done, simple as that!
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Telegram Groups link to join -(300+ Telegram Public Groups )

There are many people who like to be in a lot of Telegram groups. Now there’s nothing wrong in that. However its hard to find groups to join in. I am still not sure why these people want to join a lot of groups at once. Perhaps it’s for marketing purpose, or maybe they just want to make new friends often. Well, whatever the reason might be. I will be sharing many groups links so that you can enjoy joining a lot of telegram groups. If you are a kind of user who is in need of a lot of telegram groups, then my friend you are at the right place!!

Today I’m going to present you a huge list of active telegram groups, which you can join to improve your marketing, advertising or grow your social outreach!! Now there are groups for almost every genre, and you can join accordingly. I already did a little demonstration on how to join a telegram link. So, I hope you won’t be getting any problems or errors while joining the group. For better search, I have categorized these groups in various sections and genre. You can join up whichever you want.

1. America/USA Telegram Group Link

We all know that the USA is a developed country and has great potential for advertisers and marketers. If you didn’t know already then let me tell you that the full form of USA is the United States of America. People have a very rich and modern life there. This makes it ideal for marketers or advertisers to target this country in their campaigns. Click on the below USA telegram public group.

2.Telegram groups Kenya

Kenya is also a great country. If you’re from Kenya, then you can join this group to meet local people or to find job opportunities.

3.Telegram fun Group Link

Life without fun is pretty boring to be true. Fun is something which makes our life a lot more enjoyable. So down below are some fun related groups you can join.

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4.Telegram Education Group

Education is also important for all ages. So if you’re kind of person who wishes to learn new things and about new cultures. Then you can try joining these groups.

5. Malaysia telegram Group

You all might know that Malaysia is a south-east Asian Country which is mostly for Chinese people. If you want to make few Chinese or Malaysian friends, then you can be joining these groups.

6.Telegram public groups

There are many people who specifically search for Telegram public group. For them, I have a good news. I have found many public telegram groups which are not specified for country, ethnicity or religion. Just people trying to connect with each other. In these groups, you can chat with anyone anytime. This is because there are people from all over the world in these groups. No matter what, you will definitely find one who will be willing to talk with you. To join public groups use the below telegram groups invite link.

7.Telegram Groups India

Besides many international groups, there are many Indian Telegram groups which focus on people, culture, tradition, economics, etc.. So if you’re interested to meet these people, then join these Indian Telegram groups from the links given below.

8.Telegram English Group

If you wish to learn some quick English without getting bored, then this is the right time to join these groups. You can learn a lot from these English telegram groups. There are many people just like you who are trying to learn English from these groups. So don’t be shy and join these groups if you wish to learn some good English. It is the best way to learn English without getting bored.

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9.Anime telegram groups

10.Only girl group

11.Language Telegram group link

12. Telegram Supergroup

13.MPSC telegram groups

14.Telegram betting groups

15.Russian telegram group

There are also many groups dedicated to Russians. This is because Russian is their primary language. So they cant really converse that good in English. If you’re Russian or just want to meet few Russian people. Then you can join these groups by the links given below.

16.Telegram groups list

17.Telegram Forex Groups

18.Telegram Group  for UPSC

There are many educational groups on telegram as well. If you’re preparing for UPSC exams, then these are some great educational groups out there on Telegram.

19.Group Movie Telegram

20.Bitcoin Telegram group

Bitcoins are hyping up pretty quickly nowadays. So if you wish to learn more about Bitcoins and on how to trade them. These are some Bitcoin-related groups down below.

So, guys, these were the list of Telegram group which you can join. Now you can make the most use out of these large groups. No matter what you wanna do, these groups will be active for ever.