Ten Traits of a Successful Marriage


Even when life starts to get tough, you can still remember the good times. Maybe it was an amazing argument one day that led your partner into his or her arms for a long romantic night of making up; maybe there have been too many fights over whose turn it is to cook dinner tonight.

Because they’re tired after working all week without any days off yet-but no matter what happens in between these two entities will always have their love which means everything else falls away until it’s time again.

Marriage is a challenging but rewarding experience. It takes hard work from both spouses and offers many rewards, such as companionship or even better sex! Here are ten characteristics of successful marriages

Good communication with your spouse is one of the most important things in a marriage. If you and/or he have poor conversation, it’s likely that there are some troubles within paradise so get communicating. Once anger or tension enters into this mix; quality goes downhill fast because each person needs to understand what their partner means when they express frustration.

Communication is essential to a successful marriage, but not all forms of communication are equally beneficial. One pattern that can get couples into trouble is the pursue withdrawal style where one partner pushes for change or attention while another withdraws from discussion on an issue they don’t want addressed, often leading them into conflict over what needs doing about it. 

  • Admiration and Respect

From the moment we were born, our parents pushed us to be somebody. It is only natural that as adults with responsibilities for ourselves and others in life including loved ones-we look back on what they taught us about respect, appreciation of one’s self. 

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In order to have a healthy, successful relationship it’s important that you respect your partner’s individual differences as much as they value theirs. After all, differences can be sources of excitement and novelty in relationships.

  • Companionship

Make time for each other. Spend some quality bonding by doing activities together that you both enjoy, but also take a break from being so close and hang out with friends of yours who are not in the relationship.

It’s really important to have space from your spouse if there ever is an issue or conflict between the two of ya’ll because then those special moments will feel less meaningful than they should be when everything goes smoothly.

  • Spirituality and Values

Spirituality is a crucial part of any marriage, and faith can be an important source for emotional support. Places like churches or temples may offer you friends to spend time with during difficult times when it seems as if your marriage will not work out. They also provide guidance in making good decisions that are best suited towards keeping the couple’s love strong.

Focusing on spiritual matters provides couples with something more than just their physical connection, a bond between them built up through shared beliefs which bring joy into each other’s lives.

  • Commitment

To have a successful marriage, you must be committed to your spouse. This can only happen if both partners are willing and able to put in the effort necessary for success which is not always easy. If raising kids with them also plays an active role then make sure they stay together by working on building up communication skills between each other as well as being patient when things don’t go smoothly right off.

  • Affection

Show your spouse the love they need by fulfilling their physical and emotional needs. If you’re not sure what this means, click here for our earlier post on how to tell if someone’s favorite way of receiving affection is through words or acts of service.

  • Crisis and Stress Management Capabilities

Life isn’t always easy and there will be times when you need to work together as a team. Your spouse may have different skill sets but what sets them apart from other people is their ability to resolve problems constructively using communication techniques that promote understanding between partners withdrawn into them or becoming distant don’t let these things happen.

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When working with a partner, it is important to remember that both of you are in this together. If one person begins acting out anger on their partner because they feel ignored or taken for granted. Then there will be no end result other than resentment between the two people involved which could potentially ruin any chance at reconciliation later down the line if left unchecked long enough.

  • Responsibility

Marital success requires both parties taking accountability for their actions and attitudes. If one person is handling most of the responsibility, they must also be fair in how that is equitably divided up between them and their spouse especially if he/she isn’t taking on majority control like before.

  • Patience

If you are not thinking about your spouse first, then it is time to reevaluate what’s important in life. There should always be room for selflessness and putting others before you when dating or married; this includes partners as well parents because they contribute 100% too. It may sound difficult at first but after practicing these concepts with any person willing (and able) to try them out. 

  • Empathy and Sensitivity

The best way to have a successful marriage is by understanding your spouse. The more you can identify with their feelings and thoughts, the easier it will be for both of you in life together.

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