The Best Extensions for Google Docs

Extensions for Google Docs

Google Docs

Google Docs is an incredibly handy tool for work. And the capabilities of this program can be significantly increased by installing a couple of useful extensions. Here is a small selection of useful extensions for Google Docs, which will help write everything from small posts on a Bet22 blog to long scientific research papers.

What Is Convenient to Work in Google Docs


No need to worry that if you suddenly turn off your computer, the file will not be saved – everything happens automatically after short periods of time.

Working All at Once

All the tools in Google Workspace work well together. Dozens of people can write texts, make presentations or fill out a spreadsheet at the same time. It’s a very useful feature for distributed teams. You can also invite your colleague to your document using the “@” tag.

Revision History

All text changes are saved, so you can roll them back if you deleted something important or need to go back to the original version.

Multiple Access Levels

You decide how you access the document on one of three access levels: review, comment and edit. You can also selectively open text (by email address) or give access to anyone via a link.


Documents have a super handy commenting system that you can write in the margins and attach to specific phrases to discuss texts with your team or make notes for yourself.

It’s Free

For personal use, all you need is a Gmail account. For corporate mail and team work, you’ll need to buy a paid Google Workspace package.

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And, of course, Google Docs has useful add-ons that will make your work more convenient. Let’s talk about them. For convenience, we’ve divided all the plugins into blocks: you’ll find extensions for text validation, formatting and adding other content.

Text or Document Formatting Extensions

Doc Tools

If you don’t have enough formatting tools in your document, you can install Doc Tools.

This extension lets you shrink or enlarge text, sort it alphabetically, convert numbers to written format, change cases, and more.

Code Blocks

If you write IT-themed texts, you most likely need the Code Blocks extension that allows you to format code right in your document.

In Code Blocks, you choose the programming language you want. You can also choose any theme you like or remove the background color so the code fits the style of the document.

Page Sizer

Do you need to write text for a certain page format and see how it would look? Then this extension is for you. You can change the parameters of a page and set the size of a page to an arbitrary value.


Styles is an add-on for fans of built-in styles in Word. Initially the extension includes 20 ready-made styles with different variations of fonts, colors and headings.

You can insert either styled headings or subheadings, or apply selected formatting to the entire document – everything you need for your creativity.

Extensions to Import GIFs, Icons, and Images


The Goophy extension lets you find and insert GIF animations into your document. It works very simply, too. You enter three keywords in the search bar, then choose the gif you like, and it’s automatically added to your document. You can search for them in many languages.

Insert Icons for Docs

Extension for quick search and insertion of icons into text. You can insert colors by code, by color chart or find icons from the list or by keyword. Great option to awaken your inner designer and add style to your text!

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Image Extractor

With Image Extractor, you can easily extract images from documents and save them to your computer. Usually you have to do it by downloading a document in HTML format, which is far from always convenient. This tool will definitely save you a few minutes of time.

Project Naptha

If you used to rewrite text into pictures, gifs or screenshots, you can forget about it. This extension will allow you to avoid wasting a lot of time rewriting and just copy the text you want.

Text Check Extensions for Google Docs


No additional tabs or “copy-paste” – the translator is already in your document. Run the extension in “Add-ons”, select the text fragment and choose the language you want to translate into – it’s easy.


It’s a great extension to check spelling for multiple languages right in the file. You can also enable it in the tab with add-one. Then the tool itself will find errors in the text, highlight the errors and offer to replace them with the desired variant.

How to Install Extensions for Google Docs

In any document, open the “Add-ons” section in the top bar and select the “Install Add-ons” option. This will open Google Workspace Market, where you can find and install any add-ons you like.