The New Updated Version of iCloud for Windows has Resolved all the Syncing Issues

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Apple has introduced a new technological upgrade on icloud for windows version 7.8.1. Since the latest update has reflected in their support page; Apple has blocked some of the window users to update their previous icloud app from the version Amidst this significant issue; Apple has also restricted the users from syncing their shared albums. Apple has identified the incompatibility and reduced functionality, and they have introduced the latest version in the market.

While they have yet not revealed their bug fixes and newly introduced features, the latest I Cloud version for the Windows still resonates to the same.  The official apple page also confirms that the most recent version update for windows needs the Microsoft Windows 7 or Outlook 2007. Later, the users can also update via for synchronization of their contacts, emails, Internet Explorer 10, Google Chrome 28, Firefox 30, bookmarkers and the calendar.

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To get started, you can visit the Apple support website to download the version 7.8.1 to update it to icloud for windows. To save time lag during the process of downloading, Apple has explained in brief at their support page that icloud app requires- ‘Microsoft 7 along with Windows 10  2018 update’ for an easy transitioning.

However, Microsoft has specified from their end through regarding why the users are experiencing issues when it comes to updating the shared albums after upgrading to Windows 10 version 1809.

The company has also mentioned that users attempting to install the icloud version on latest windows may fail or see a message which would state that the version for Windows isn’t supported! Probably with the latest updates on Icloud Windows will finally sort the issue at hand

Source – Apple Insider

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