Three Novel Ways to Drive Traffic

Ways to Drive Traffic

There are plenty of conventional ways to drive traffic to your website, but sometimes it pays to think just a little outside of the box. Whether that’s a unique way to change up your SEO strategy, or a short term drive to build a buzz, it’s important to think of different options. As a business owner, you should always be challenging yourself to think laterally when it comes to solving problems for your business, but it never hurts to take a little advice either. Thankfully, we’ve done the lateral thinking for you in this instance and come up with several different ways to drive traffic to your site, that you might not have considered before.

Begin Guest Blogging- Ways to Drive Traffic

One of the best ways to increase traffic is by guest blogging. Often we focus our SEO strategy on our website alone and forget the bigger picture. Think of all of the sites that regularly appear at the very top of the search rankings, one of the reasons that they appear there is because so many people link to them. These people link to them for many reasons, they have useful information, they have information on a niche that is rarely covered, or they’re simply a trusted source. You want your site to appear as a trusted source and so you need to get your links out there. One of the simplest ways of getting the ball rolling on this is by guest blogging. Try to choose websites that are linked to your field. They needn’t be your direct competitors, but perhaps they’d appear in a similar search query to your site. Make it clear that you’d like to include a link to your website in the post that you write for them and make sure that it is inserted in a way that is valuable to the person who is likely to click on it. Try to slot in a guest blogging spot once per week, each time on a different site. After a while, you’ll have accumulated a lot of links and not only will this improve your SEO, but it will also mean that there are dozens of new ways out there for people to find your site. Visit Here

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Hold a Prize Draw


Those looking for a short term spike in traffic could consider hosting a giveaway, prize draw or another freebie. This could be in the form of a competition, where entrants must answer a question or fulfil some kind of task. It could be a mailing list sign-up, where entrants ask to be put onto your mailing list and automatically get entered into the draw. 

The other option would be to hold a long-standing giveaway, that is advertised both on your site and others. The final method is particularly popular in the iGaming industry, where sites offer the best no deposit casino bonuses, as mentioned on this list. These bonuses allow players to play without making a cash deposit, encouraging them to try out new casino sites. This could help them to discover new games, withdrawal methods, or special features that might not be available on the site they originally used, or just to save a little money on their gaming hobby. 

Apply for Awards

Much like getting your prize draw, or freebie listed on an external website, applying for business awards can do the same thing. The most difficult part of this approach is making sure that your business is performing so well that you’ll win, or at least be shortlisted for the award. Of course, it should go without saying that anyone who is serious about their business should be aiming for that standard anyway. Once you’re feeling confident that your business is knocking it out of the park with its service or products then you need to start applying for the relevant awards. 

Starting with boards and major bodies in your industry is the first place to look. There are frequently industry award nights and these large bodies have great websites that already have plenty of traffic. If you were to win, get shortlisted, or even be nominated for one of their awards then you could get your business listed on their website and have huge amounts of traffic driven to you. As well as this, advertising your awards on your own site gives your business credence. Everybody can see that the awards you’ve won speak volumes about your level of service.

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