Tinder Handles Payments of its Own and Bypasses Fee on Google Play

Other well-known apps have found a way to circumvent the fees of Google Play and the App Store. That can affect the app market. Tinder has found a way to sell less of his revenue to Google.

By default, payments are no longer made on Google Play, but directly in the app. Tinder encourages its users to enter their credit card details in the app. Once done, there seems to be no way to make future purchases on Google Play. This will save Tinder a fee of up to 30 percent on purchases made through Google Play.

First, the media company Bloomberg reported on this innovation with reference to the analyst Ben Schachter of the investment bank Macquarie. “It’s an incredibly high-margin business for Google that brings in billions of dollars,” Schachter says of Google Play.

Other app providers are getting off on Google Play

Tinder Handles Payments of its Own
Tinder Handles Payments of its Own

Google Play and Apple’s App Store allow developers to offer their apps to a large number of potential customers, making it easy to pay in stores. The up to 30 percent, which is due, is not only Tinder too much.

In May 2018, Netflix’s new customers had no option to pay through Google Play. The software company Epic Games has long stopped offering its gaming hit Fortnite on Google Play.

The decision of Tinder alone will not have much impact, Schachter said. But that could change if many more apps, for example in the gaming area, follow the example. The analyst believes it is likely that many more companies will experiment with the payment methods.

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