5 Best Tips for Choosing the Right Droid Antivirus App for Your Smartphone !

avg android antivirus
AVG android antivirus

There are many basic steps to help keep your Android device safe. This includes using all the existing security features of the phone to their fullest. But you will require a Droid Antivirus App to ensure complete protection. So what should you look for when making the right choice of a security app for your valuable device? This guide explains the main factors you should be looking for.

Malware Detection

There is no compromise on this factor. The Droid Antivirus App you select for your phone should have malware detection feature. It should be able to cover all types of malware programs that can threaten your device.

avg android antivirus
AVG android antivirus

You would also want to check how often and how the app alerts you about security threats. The app should provide complete protection while working in the background, but it shouldn’t pester you for each and every minor thing. It should, however, alert you when there is any threat.

Password Manager

Make sure that the antivirus app has a password manager. You would be thankful to have the feature. It will keep track of all the passwords on your device including those for the apps and websites. Some Droid Antivirus App even let you activate all the different passwords using a single password.

Some antivirus apps also have app locking feature. It will help password protect specific apps. You could also hide your apps to increase the privacy and security.

Network Monitoring

A good antivirus program will also monitor the network to ensure that your device is safe from potential threats. Whether you choose a Wi-Fi network or any other connection, it should constantly check the network for any threats, detect them and prevent any attacks.

Antitheft Feature

Most new Android devices have antitheft features. However, you cannot rely entirely on such a system to ensure your phone’s safety. A good Droid Antivirus App will also have strong antitheft controls so that if you ever misplace your device it can be tracked and located. Such apps allow you to not just keep track of where your phone is, you can also lock it remotely. In fact, it should also let you delete all the content from your phone if you think the phone cannot be recovered.

Some antivirus apps can also have the feature to filter messages and phone calls. It will help you block out all unwanted messages and phone calls. You could add specific phone numbers to the blacklist.

Basic Strategies

Besides using an antivirus app, it is recommended to use some basic methods the keep your Android phone safe. Some of these key steps include the following:

  • Be careful about what apps you download onto your phone or tablet
  • Avoid downloading apps from sources other than the official Android app platform. Apps downloaded outside the Google Play store are more than 10 times likely to cause harm to your device
  • Make sure to keep all your installed apps up-to-date
  • Set a complex screen-lock password to prevent anyone from accessing your phone

When it comes to the Droid Antivirus App, make sure to choose a program from a reputed brand. Make sure it provides protection against different types of malware. It should also keep your device safe from against potential attacks by hackers. A well-established antivirus program with proven track record in both the mobile and PC domain can be a reliable option.

So consider all these points when choosing the best Droid Antivirus App. An antivirus program is something you cannot compromise upon. Make sure it offers comprehensive protection at all times to ensure your personal and financial data remains safe.