Top 7 Best VR Headsets To Look Out For in 2017

Top 7 Best VR Headsets

Top 7 Best VR HeadsetsTop 7 Best VR Headsets – This is the era of virtual reality. Even though the idea of virtual reality has been buzzing around us for the past few years it has finally taken a shape. With some development in the technology now you can easily connect your smartphone or PC or a gaming console with a VR headset and enjoy the beauty of the virtual world. So without wasting any time let me bring to you the best VR headset out in the market. Even though some of them are still to strike the market, they are definitely good to be known.

1.) Oculus Rift – Best VR Headsets

When it comes to VR systems, Oculus Rift had caused much hullabaloo in the market. After its project launch, Facebook acquired it and it became the most thrilling VR system out there in the market. The system comes with a headset with sensors which supports two lenses and headphones. In order to detect the movements, a camera is added to the system. The end result has been impressive and it provides amazing experiences through the VR world. The product is available at all the major outlets in UK and US. If you are looking for some cheaper deals then simply make use of the Currys voucher codes from Dealslands Uk.

2.) HTC Vive

Just like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive also needs a PC to run it. But something that makes it different from others is that you can roam around the room with this VR system. HTC Vive finds your location in the real world through the IR sensors mounted on the wall and connects it with the virtual world. This way it allows you in the movement where others fail. To enjoy the system completely better use additional headphones.

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3.) PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR is an amazing alternative for gaming PCs. PlayStation VR works with PlayStation 4 rather than with the PC. The PS VR works as an accessory for the PS4 console. For these reasons, it is a cheaper solution rather than purchasing a complete gaming PC. It uses the same technologies as the other top brands in the field, but the screen resolution is in no position to beat Oculus and HTC. The product is due to launch on October 13, 2017.

4.) Sulon Q

Sulon Q VR works on Windows 10 architecture. Chances are more that the newly launched VR can turn out to be a competitor for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. The VR system does not need a PC to run it. It comes with a device having a high processing power to run applications and games thus nullifying the need for a wired connection. Again, it comes with built-in earbuds to provide a 3D audio experience to the people. The product is still to reach the market and is expected to be pricey. Still, if you are excited to buy it, better keep an eye on site. You will be able to grab a deal once it is out.

5.) Samsung Gear VR

Unlike its competitors, Samsung Gear VR is designed to work with smartphones rather than with gaming consoles and PCs. A good number of Gear VRs have been developed to work with different Samsung smartphone models. Moreover, you will be able to enjoy slick visuals as the Samsung handsets now come with high resolution.

6.) OnePlus Loop VR

The Loop VR from OnePlus is similar to the Gear VR headset. The headset is compatible with most of the smartphone headsets of the size 5 and 6 inches. Here you will find a slot in the front to insert your smartphone and a head strap giving it feeling of Google cardboard. The best thing about the OnePlus Loop VR is that the product is absolutely free and all you have to pay is for the shipping charge. The company has developed 30,000 products and they are sold at first come first serve basis.

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7.) LG 360 VR

You can connect this VR system with LG G5 using a USB cable. Here you don’t have to slip your phone into the slot like the above one. The VR is just like any pair of glasses and so you don’t have to hold it to enjoy the VR. This VR system comes with motion sensors which allow you to look around in the room.

With more number of apps coming up with virtual reality games the market of VR headsets is exploding. So it is for sure that you will be able to witness more number of headsets in the future. If you strongly feel to have one for yourself then choose one from the list of these best VR sets for 2017.