Top Cryptocurrencies That Have Great Investment Potential


The recent year has witnessed some of the most significant developments in the history of numerous cryptocurrencies. It has been a rollercoaster ride for the whole market in 2021, whether it was cryptocurrencies reaching an all-time highs or significant upgrades being made to their present systems. While several of these digital tokens have already outperformed in terms of performance, growth, and utility in the last year, there are still a handful that have the potential to rise even more in the coming year. While it might be difficult to predict the exact growth rate or return on investment on these assets, the current ongoing growth of cryptos is here to stay. Here’s a list of some of the cryptocurrencies that have great investment potential. 


Tron is a cryptocurrency that was built on the Ethereum platform and has gained a lot of popularity recently. Tron has seen some major gains in the past year with its current value being $0.68 (1 TRX To INR). Tron’s decentralized operating system, which is based on blockchain technology, is one of the key reasons for its explosive rise. This architecture allows Tron to host a number of decentralized applications (DApps). Tron intends to distribute digital tokens by allowing the general public to utilize its tokens to connect directly to content providers, such as app stores, music streaming services, and video streaming services. It is intended that content will be made available at a lower cost through file sharing and direct transfers. Even the market crash had barely any effect on it’s value, which was a bonus for investors.


Tether, in contrast to other cryptocurrencies, is a stablecoin. A fiat currency, such as the U.S. dollar, serves as the basis for it and a 1:1 ratio is maintained, i.e the value of 1 US dollar is equal to the value of 1 Tether token (USDT to INR). As a result, it is a low volatility stablecoin since it does not experience many swings, making it a stable cryptocurrency to keep on hand for rapid entrances and exits into other cryptocurrencies. It may be thought of as an intermediate virtual currency, allowing investors to sell one cryptocurrency, acquire Tether Tokens, and then sell those tokens again to purchase a third cryptocurrency through an intermediary virtual currency. Alternatively, it can just be utilized to store gains while making investment decisions. This one-of-a-kind characteristic makes it the best cryptocurrency to invest in.

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Polkadot is not restricted to token transactions; it also enables blockchain transactions involving any asset or data across a variety of blockchains. One of the primary pet peeves of cryptocurrency investors is the fact that each cryptocurrency runs autonomously, with no provision for information sharing or token transfers from one cryptocurrency to another. Polkadot consists of two networks: the main network, which comprises the relay chain, and the parachains, which are parallel chains that connect to other blockchains. This technology has unrivaled economic scalability, and it has the potential to become one of the most profitable cryptocurrencies to invest in by 2022.


Cosmos is the second-largest ecosystem in the crypto realm, after only Ethereum. Furthermore, its market cap is about $140 billion in digital assets. Cosmos is working to create the Internet of Blockchains, which will allow decentralized networks of blockchains to connect with one another. Blockchains, because of their modular design, can process transactions significantly quicker, provide security and scalability, and facilitate inter-blockchain communication. Cosmos cryptocurrency is based on the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) technology. ATOM is the native staking currency of the Cosmos Hub (the blockchain that serves as the network’s core). It should be emphasized that the Cosmos coin is obtained by staking rather than mining. Furthermore, Cosmos is gaining popularity in the dApp community. In September of last year, the ATOM token set a new high of 3067. Price of an ATOM token is $3180.00.


While Litecoin is not the cheapest cryptocurrency in India, it might be a worthwhile investment. This is owing to its widespread acceptance. The Miami Dolphins, for example, have adopted and proclaimed Litecoin their official cryptocurrency. Litecoin was intended to address the problems that Bitcoin had when it was launched. As a result, it has been dubbed the “Silver to Bitcoin’s Gold.” Throughout its history, the currency has found consistent success, and it is now accepted by over 3000 enterprises and retailers worldwide.

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Overall, there are several cryptocurrencies that have the potential not just to be embraced but also to give superior solutions for scalability, security, usefulness, transactional cost, and so on. Signing up on a secure crypto exchange platform can aid you in doing so and help you get started on your investment journey. To avoid severe losses, it is recommended that all investors conduct their own research before investing in any crypto currency. You may also learn about the top ten crypto errors made by investors to invest more safely.